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Monday, March 3, 2008

Day at the Aquarium

I have mentioned how the boys love their fish. We knew they would be excited to see bigger, more colorful fish. We took them to the Camden Aquarium where they got to see all sorts of fun sea animals. The aquarium is a great place, we were there for hours, and the boys had a great time. They were first impressed by the size and colors of the fish we saw, and just how many there were. They wanted to stand on the ledge by the windows and it seemed they were trying to get in the tank, but the glass was just too thick. Then the penguins were a big hit. I am not sure why Chase has taken a liking to the word penguin, so seeing them live was a thrill for him. He specifically asked to see "more penguins" and as a result we went back for a second showing. As were we, they seemed to be amazed by the size of the Hippo and I think it may have changed their perspective a bit when we read "The Hippos go Beserk" last night before bed. We saw sharks and jellyfish and an octopus and though it is not a sea creature, Trinidad the Parrot- who squawks but does not talk- received hello's and goodbye's from both boys. And, it should come as no surprise, but the highlight of the day was turning the handles that made the turtles move, or sliding the doors that had facts behind them. Fish are neat and all, but nothing compares to hardware.
By the day's end, Ryder was ready for a nap and Chase was asking to see more fish, but we said bye bye to the fishies and headed home. Until next time.....

marveling at the fish

Who knew Jellyfish could be so neat?

"More Penguins"


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