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Sunday, March 30, 2008


one, two I love you. Three, four, lets count some more. Five, Six, get your kicks. Seven, Eight, because numbers are great. Nine, Ten, numbers are your friend, let's count them all again.
I know too many rhymes for numbers, too many songs for counting. I count everything, steps, balls, toys, animals. I count these things out loud hoping eventually the boys will start counting. Today was that day. Prior to today, the only counting that was done by either kid was when they were doing something they were not supposed to be and they were imitating me (you have three seconds to sit down, one, two, three.) Today, Chase started counting. He counted 1-6 on his own and made it to ten with a little help. He did it several times just to prove it was not a fluke. Ryder did not count 1-6 but chimed in some numbers when he felt like it. I suspect, in typical Ryder fashion, that he is completely capable of counting to six, or perhaps to ten, but won't really let us know it until he feels like it.

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