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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just for the record....

Since this is really the only record I am doing. I do own baby books and names have been assigned to each, but not much else is done. Anyway, just for the record, we put Ryder back on the Elmo Potty after his bath tonight and he did in fact make sissy again. I did not realize it happened until I saw the puddle, then we erupted into the cheers and the high fives. He seemed excited, as did we. We are two for two......lets see where it goes.

Chase wanted to sit on Elmo tonight. He was really into it, especially since Ryder did so well. We sat there for 10 minutes or so. He got up a few times to unroll the toilet paper or drop his comb in the big potty. We must have sang a dozen songs, some two or three times, but to no avail. He never actually peed. We encouraged it and told him how proud we were for his trying. Maybe another time.

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