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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Never Met a Tree I Didn't Want to Climb!

Boys Being Silly, Mountainside

The Steps at the Poconos

Cozy Buddies

A sleepover in the Poconos!

3 Boys by a Lake

Sleepy Turner

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Favorite Rock!

The view from my rock

Growing up, particularly my high school years, I had a favorite rock in Tyler State Park.  It was tucked away in the trees, on a hill, off the beaten, yet highest point of the path.  It overlooked the stream, the dam, the waterfall.    I was introduced to this rock by a friend, and we often went there in a group and would just hang out.   But, the rock became special to me.  My thinking place.  I would go there when I had some time to myself, which was often back then.  I would go there to write in my journal.  I would just go.  I have taken Todd there, and though he can appreciate a wonderful place in nature as well as anyone I am not sure he ever fell in love with the rock like I did.  If, of course, you can actually fall for a rock.  More like from a rock.
Anyway, I took the boys on a nature walk the other day.   After all was said and done I did wonder if my attempt at a beautiful hike was borderline child abuse due to the distance we walked and the amount of time it took, but a beautiful hike it was.  For me.  The boys enjoyed the rock climbing, the allowance to scream, throwing rocks, using fallen trees as balance beams.  When we saw a deer on the hike, instead of stopping in their tracks and quietly admiring its beauty, like I did, Ryder ran full speed ahead, excited, as if it were a super hero waiting his embrace, shouting "deer, deer" along the way. He was so sad when the deer bolted into the woods, into hiding, far away from a screaming pre-schooler.
Some day, the boys may fall in love with nature the way I have, the way Todd has.  Someday, they may be able to stop, breathe, and soak in a view, for now, boys will be boys, and lakes are meant for splashing, rocks are meant for climbing (or throwing depending on the size,) and parks are meant for boisterous fun.   I am OK with that.

My Brother gets his hair cut and I get a Lollipop too!!

Looking Cute

Last Firsts

When I got pregnant with Turner I knew that was the last, and well, ironically the first, time I would see a positive "pee on a stick" pregnancy test. (Chase and Ryder's confirmation came another way). I knew when I met my third baby boy for the first time, my absolute favorite moment of having all of my children was meeting them each for the first time, that the was the last time. We've had a string of last firsts, first foods, first crawl, first steps, first words, etc.
We just had a last first hair cut, which perhaps less monumental than my baby learning to walk, per se, seemed to be more emotional than all of those other last firsts. Possibly because his learning to walk and to talk and to eat have made our juggling act easier, and probably because all of the other things he did when he was ready, this we did when I was ready. Sort of.
It is not a secret of parenthood, baby's first cut makes them look, if not act, less baby-ish, and I admit this was something I was trying to avoid. Avoidance. Denial. Neither stop your baby from growing up. His hair was kinky curly, and frizzy, and fine, none of which were very nice looking. The curls were begging to be cut but I was so sad to see them go. I just kept waiting. For a brief moment I considered waiting another year and a half and having an upsherin for him. Not for religious purposes. Just to wait. For what, I am not sure. For Godot, perhaps. Chase and Ryder were just under 13 months when we cut their hair. But when it is your first(s) you're in a rush for all milestones, with your last there's no rush for any of them. Except maybe to deliver the baby because it's hard, so hard, to be nine months pregnant when you have other children. Firsts you encourage walking, lasts you push them down (figuratively, not literally, of course!)
So, we took Turner to Jack, as we had with his brothers, and a last first cut was had. As I snapped away the pictures I held back the tears as my baby morphed into a big boy one snip at a time. And, the thing is, my bittersweet emotions were not in vain, because Turner immediately started acting bigger, older, almost 4. I know I sound like a lunatic. Crazy, right? I would say it too, only I see it. He is older, more independent, more mature.  He must have looked in that mirror and saw what we saw, that he did not look like a baby any more and became, instantly, one of the big boys. A big boy who doesn't talk, but a big boy none the less.


For all of the photos click here

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cousin Stroll!!

This moment was as adorable as this picture.  Baby cousin begging for bigger cousins hand.  Bigger cousin taking it and walking baby nicely.  So touched by the moment I snapped this shot with my phone. The moment I did not get documented, of course, happened minutes later when the same bigger cousin, accidentally we presume, walked the same baby cousin right into one of those columns.  No real harm was done to any child in this moment!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

God Lives in my Heart!

The boys have spent their summer at Rainbow Academy. A farm, a Pre-School, and in their case, a camp. Geared towards Pre-Schoolers and located on a beautifully gardened farm the boys have had an enjoyable, active summer. Rainbow Academy is also home to Carousel Farm, a school for friends with special needs. In an effort to help these kids learn life lessons the Carousel Farm Friends have a camp store everyday at lunch. They sell trinkets, candy, pretzels, etc. Everything costs two quarters. I think this concept is wonderful and I support it, but since more often than not the boys buy candy I have made a deal with them that they can have money once a week. They pick the day. Occasionally there are exceptions.

Yesterday was visiting day. I went for an hour and watched the boys swim (for the second time this summer!). When I was getting ready to leave Ryder insisted on coming and was not taking no for an answer. I asked his counselor to step in, and somehow the dollar that was in Chase's bag - the dollar that I have no idea how it got into his bag, became the bait. Suddenly it was four quarters, all of which became Chase's after Ryder didn't fall for any tricks.

When Chase came home that day. He had two green necklaces around his neck.  Our conversation went like this:
"Where'd you get those necklaces, Chase?"
"I bought them at the camp store."
Admittedly thrilled he did not buy candy I continued:
"You bought two?"
"Well, I got one for Ryder."
"Chase, that was so nice of you.  Did Miss Caitlin tell you to do that?"

"No. I told me to do it!!  (pause)  My heart did!" I smiled and my eyes got wet as I thought what a sweet boy I was raising, when he continued.  "And, God did. Because God lives in my heart."
I nearly hit the squirrell crossing the street (exaggeration) as I swerved in shock.
Laughing a bit, I said, "Yes, Chase, I suppose he does."
He responded, adamantly, "He does, mommy, Ms. Robin told me so."

At least I know they learned something in that 3's program!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Costume Shopping

Although Halloween is still a few months away the marketing for the holiday has begun.  And, so has Ryder's obsession for all the costume options abound.  The Sensational Beginnings catalogue came and as soon as Ryder glimpsed at the costumes on the front he grabbed the book from me and I have not seen it since.  This catalogue, which has replaced his blankie as a snuggle toy and has become his quiet time activity, is ripping at the seams and has curled corners but is carried around like the bible.  He has picked out costumes for everyone:  Todd = Superman, Me = Wonder Woman, Chase = Optimus Prime, and Turner= Barney. Ryder says he wants to be Spider-Man, again.
He brought the catalogue to camp, where after showing all of his friends, and helping them pick out costumes he made this generous offer: "pick out your costume, tell me what it is, and my mommy will buy it for you!"  I hate to disappoint 20 kids!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Ryder, our fearless boy, can climb out of his crib, a wall or on top of a car without a single mishap.  He can do flips over bars and climb monkey bars without a hitch.  But, when it comes to walking on his two feet he can be a bit clumsy.  I have no idea where he gets that from (wink, wink!)  He has always been that way.  He will fall off a chair while sitting still or a trip over the air on a stroll.  This picture was taken after a little spill he had while running down the sidewalk to Todd.  The cement met his face and his shoulder simultaneously.  I did not see it happen (thank goodness) and when I saw him he was acting as brave as, well, Spiderman.  The scrapes are healing pretty well despite the tan lines around them.  His nose is nearly better, and hopefully his shoulder will heal scar free.


Just because they are not well enough represented on this blog, and just because this picture is too cute not post I thought I would dedicate an entire posting to the young ladies in my life. 
Though I know I would love them just the same if I had a daughter (or three), being that I do not their mere feminine existence adds a special element to their role in my life.   With them there are dance recitals, tea parties, and a world of princesses.  And later, bat mitzvah dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses!!!  I am already excited.
Delaney was the first born unto this family.  I was fortunate enough to be an aunt before a mother and that alone means so much to me.  Those 2 1/2 years of it being just me and my only niece are irreplaceable even as we added more little loves to the family.  With her long, and surprisingly straight, blond-ish hair, her hazel eyes, her long legs, and her tall body she fits the mold of a super model.  She is mature beyond her years both in her physical appearance and in her emotional state.  She is crafty, and cautious, and creative, and has a unique fashion sense.  She is feminine, prefers dresses, and make-up, and jewelry and wears white to play softball.  But, hey, she plays softball, but also dances...well.  She possesses an independence most women crave and is confident and proud even in new situations.  She loves her friends, her cousins, her sister and seems to take the role of the "older" sister and cousin very seriously.
Madden is Delaney's opposite in physical appearance.  She is tiny and petite but huge on personality.  She has dark, curly hair and is Amy's spitting image.  She is loving, offering I love you's to all of us all of the time, and hilarious with a raspy little voice.  She is less cautious than Delaney and walks head on.  She is not shy nor scared and thinks everything is funny.  At only three her personality is still developing but there is no doubt that she will possess a sense of humor and will be cute as a Button.
Delaney and Madden are very special to me, very special to the boys.  They love their cousins and are always excited when they know they will be spending time with their favorite girls. So am I.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fences are for...Climbing?

Boys climb fences.  That's what they do.  I guess.  Todd has often said that he was a dominant fence jumper, if jumping fences is actually something one could dominate?  I've climbed a few fences in my day.  I have made it to the other side usually catching my pants on the chain-link.  But, I certianly have never taught the boys how to climb them, and yet, at being presented with a chain linked fence their first and only instinct was to climb it.  Turner, too (though he is not in the picture!) 

I suppose from here on out all fences will get climbed, but hopefully not all will get jumped like this one here that will land them in the Bay of Margate.

Win, Lose, or Draw!

We always sensed that Ryder may be a budding artist. He fell in love with the guitar at the ripe age of one and has always seemed to have a creative mind. In the last 6 months Ryder's interest in coloring and drawing has piqued. He most often colors Spiderman pictures and is adamant about putting red where red belongs and blue where blue belongs. He tries to stay in the lines. Also, recently, he has begun drawing pictures that are not just scribbles but actual pictures, that you can decipher without explanation.  By my own biased standard he is getting quite good.

Dr. Ock (7 out of 8 arms is not so bad!)


A car