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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Make New Friends, Keep the Old....

Chase made his very first friend. The boys, all of them, have a lot of friends but all of them are either through Todd and I or through school. We knew this would not always be the case and this summer Chase made his first friend. Alone. Without Ryder. At the beach he played with a boy for some time.  Todd and I watched as he told the boy his name, asked his, and then they played nicely together. Later, he came over and said "Mommy, I made a friend. His name is Ben!" The next day, at the beach, they ran to each other again.  They were so excited to play again that they both were shrieking in delight. They walked home from the beach holding hands. When I was a kid and would meet new people, even Todd, my parents often said "Oh, I know his/her parents!". I didn't quite understand how they seemed to know everyone's parents. I get it now. This boy, Ben, that Chase has happily befriended is the son of a guy, David, Todd went to elementary school with. They were safety's together. Todd loves talking about being a safety. As it turns out, so does Dave since it was one of the first things he said when we figured out who each other were.  The boys had an absolute blast together and their friendship was marked when Ben offered Chase one of his twenty silly bands.  The fact that Chase lost it the next day did not negate the importance of the exchange.  Chase and Ben are now buddies, or as Ben's dad stated it....another Politz and Tovsky team.

Today I am 18 Months!

I am a mover and a shaker. I never sit still. I love my mommy and must be with her when she is home. I giggle often. I love to laugh. I can climb, run, and bounce on the trampoline almost as if I were four. I sleep well but eat not so well. Pretzels are my favorite food. I call them setzels! I have curls, and dimples, and a bright smile. I have a contagious giggle. I sleep with a blankie. It is blue. I must touch everything. I must open drawers. I must flick switches. I want to ride a bike. I don't sit still for diaper changes. I get frustrated that all of my words are not understood. I am adorable. I am eighteen months old! (My mommy says she is going to write my 18 month letter but I was not so sure, so I posted this!!)