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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Turner Luke!

The other day it was just Turner and I, as it is many days.  But, I was in the mood to play with my camera and play with him.  Here is what we did.  Most of them are just a boy and his "baybay!"

Crazy Hat Day at Briarwood!

Meanest Mom EVER!!

That's what I was told by my two oldest sons after their very first day at Briarwood Day Camp! Why?  Because, apparently, they love camp so much, more than anything else in this world, and to make them miss it to spend the day on the beach is cruel.   Torture.  Call Social Service’s because this is a rare form of abuse that I would even CONSIDER sending them to camp just 4 days so that we can have Friday's on the beach let alone DO IT.  This was after the first day. Tuesday it was more of the same.  But this time included some form of tantruming that reminded me of the terrible two's.   Wednesday was no different. And, so on.

Very excited about their first day!

Ready for camp

Brothers and campers

I understand.  Camp, to many people, is one of the greatest places on Earth for kids.  Next to Disney World.  My husband is one of those people. At camp you play all day, outdoors, getting dirty and being social.  It is considered a luxury, evidenced by the lofty price tag.
But, yet, we all find a way to make those payments just so our kids can call us mean.

Growing up, Todd and I both went to Willow Grove Day Camp and we both could have argued, successfully, that WGDC was the very best day camp on the planet.  To Todd, WGDC was the only place for our boys. But, for a number of reasons, including the fact that Willow Grove does not allow the flexibilty of four days a week, we chose Briarwood Day Camp.

Chase and Ryder absolutely love camp.  They love everything about it. They love that they swim two times a day.  They love that they play sports all day.  They love that they are changing activities all of the time and that their bunk is all boys.  They love that at camp they can be the verbs that they are.  And, they are in love with their JC. Ah, camp!  The home of first romances.   They will likely both marry her at the carnival.

So, I have no regrets at all for choosing big boy camp at 5 years old.  No regrets for having to pilfer money from sofa cushions and car seats to pay the tuition.  There are no regrets once you see the smiles on their faces and listen to the stories they tell about camp.  And, despite being the meanest mom ever, I certainly have no regrets of keeping them out on Friday’s  so that we can beach together as a family. 

Yes, I am just that mean!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Slugger in Training

Happy Father's Day to a happy daddy!

Cousins Jump

Father's Day was a fantastic day in the sun.  Baseball, Swimming, BBQ, we all enjoyed ourselves.  I got some great photos, but as usual, missed some of the most important shots (and people) including a picture of the dads with their respective kids.   Especially my kids, and their dad.   But, still, a great day!