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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thanksgiving has always been my favorite time of year.  The fall air, the four day weekend, the over indulgence of food and drink, the chaos, and the lack of religious overtone makes it a near perfect holiday.  

This years thanksgiving was no different.   It began with a home cooked family breakfast around the kitchen table that in addition to eggs and bacon and an ample serving of grateful remarks, a huge dose of laughs, and a morning music provided by Turner!  It was exactly the weekend brunch I dreamed about having.

We had a weekend guest of Aunt Bonnie, whose presence is always filled with laughter, and as a result had a turnstile of visitors, which was so nice.  We also spent the day on Friday in the Poconos with much of my extended family and it was so wonderful being wth everyone, near and far, on a non-religious occasion.  All the kids, and adults too, loved Boulder Field, being together, and our "Thanksgiving Dinner part 2" with the Levin's was really wonderful!


The holiday is also, not by coincidence, the weekend of our wedding anniversary.  

My wedding was my most favorite day of my life.  On Thanksgiving eve, and the biggest party night of the year, all of our closest family and friends were with us, making us ever so thankful.

The party was great, the room was beautiful, the view was perfect, and our future was bright.  Looking into the eyes of my beloved and vowing forever was the easiest decision I had ever made in my life.

This year we celebrated our 8th year of marriage.  8 has always been my lucky number.   With the way my luck has been this past year.....I hope my favorite number proves its worth in the next 12 months.  

As I celebrate this day with Todd I reflect on our beginnings, our courtship, our honeymoon years, our life.  I reflect on all that was, all that is, and wonder all that will be.

You see marriage is a lot of wonderful things.  Most of which I wouldn't change.  The give and take, the compromise, the arguments, the teamwork are all a part of love and marriage.  But, I wouldn't say marriage is easy.   Not all of the time.

When things are good in life, the pockets are deep, everyone is healthy, the kids are behaving, the bills aren't piled high, sure, that is when marriage is easy.  That is when it is easy to hold your partner's hand and proclaim "I love you and this life that we built!"

But, what about when things are tough?  When you're sick and tired and cranky?  When your kids are all that and more?  When money is tight?  When tension is high, as is stress?  When nearly every stroke of bad luck possible has hit you?  That is the true test of a love.   Can you still hear the laughter?  Do you still get chilled by his touch?  Do you still look into his eyes and know, that through it all, you chose right back then, you'd still make the same choice today?

I have never doubted my marriage.  I have never doubted the man Todd is.   I have never doubted our love.  But, as I think about our anniversary, and look back on our "we've had better" year, I am even more sure than ever before.   Holding Todd's hand through the good is rewarding, holding it through the bad is comforting.  Sometimes life sucks, but it might as well suck with the people you love!

At our wedding
For the first time as husband and wife

Happy eight years, Todd.  Happy Thanksgiving, All.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He Learned it from his Brothers

Turner and I were walking around the shopping center of the Little Gym.  We do this a lot after his class.   We went to Learning Express, then to Pier 1, then we went up to the upper center to go to Bagel Junction.  On our walk back there was a jack hammer in the parking lot by our car.  It was loud, Turner does not like loud noises.  He looked at me and said "mommy, that is so loud I can't hear myself think!"  I, of course,  cracked up and asked him who taught him to be so funny he said, "oh, Chase and Ryder did!"

I love that!!!