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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beach Bummer

We had the boys on the beach for the first time. About a month ago we took them for a stroll on the beach, but their feet never touched the sand. This time, we let them roll around. We had a very large blanket, which we laid out. We put the boys, a bunch of toys, and ourselves down upon it and watched to see how they would react. Both boys approached the end of the blanket, looked at the change in texture, used their pointer fingers to touch the sand, and almost immediately pulled it away, as if it was very hot (it was not.) They did this several times before losing interest and returning to the toys on the blanket. Todd and I then picked them up and put their feet in the sand. Ryder did not really like it, but it was Chase who cried. He cried and jumped right back into my arms finding very little enjoyment in the experience. This made us laugh. Relentless, we tried again only to get the same results. Once back on the blanket, however, both boys enjoyed an hour by the ocean, with the sand a whole layer beneath them. Todd and I found it relaxing too and may have even caught a few zzz's if only we did not have fingers trying to pull out our eyeballs. Somehow, even that, is more enjoyable by the ocean.
The next day we ventured out again. This time it was a real beach day, bathing suits and all. Although the reaction to the sand was improved, Chase still was not all that interested in having his feet in it. Ryder slowly adjusted and before long he was eating sand like a meal. Despite several warnings from the parents of other sand eaters, we never did find it in his diaper. Perhaps he is able to digest the fine grains of Margate? We were able to enjoy (or endure?) several hours on the beach, and were able to relax for a bit when the boys napped in their stroller. It will take some getting used to, but not before long will they become beach bums.


Chase and Ryder are swingers! It is fantastic to watch as they both sit back enjoying the breeze in their face, giggling, laughing and grinning. It reminds me how much I used to love the swings as a kid. Of course, I used to jump off the swing when it was at its highest point, but lets not give the boys any ideas.
At My Gym they can go in a double swing. It is fun when they are in there together, they always crack up. Although I always tell them to hold on tight, they often like to go with the no hands approach. It does not phase them when they are jilted backwards.
It was not always a great thrill for them, particularly for Chase, who was scared during his first swing ride. But now, he loves it, and it seems we can't push them high enough or fast enough. Their grins and laughter echoes with each swing.

Three and one

Ryder has gotten three teeth at once. As it turns out, he will not be fanged, instead he has three teeth (two center, left eye) growing everyday. The right eye tooth is ready to break through. Considering he is getting 4 teeth practically at once he is doing really well....a lot of drool, a few extra hugs and a mouth with some teeth.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eye, Eye!!

At 10 months old our boys had only two teeth each. Bottom two, front and center. Chase's sit with a small space between them, Ryder's do not have a space.
Just two days past their 10th month birthday Ryder had a tooth break through. At first I thought it was his center left breaking through, only it was really off center. OK, I thought, he would have a space in his top teeth to mirror his brother's lower. As it turns out, however, it is an eye tooth coming through. He is handling this pretty well, which is good. I am imagining my handsome little boy to be fanged in the near future....two eye teeth, no middle teeth. We will see, soon enough. Anyway, lets get the tooth fairy here again, another one is through.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A letter to my sons on their 10th Month Birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

Happy 10 months! The spring is here, we spend much more time outside and your big 1 year is lingering. It is unbelievable the changes one month can bring. At your last doctor's appointment (your 9th month check up) you, for the very first time, weighed exactly the same, 17lbs. 11 oz. This is still considered light, only the 10th percentile, but is consistent with your growth since birth. Chase, you were 1/4 of an inch longer than your brother measuring in at 28 1/4 inches. This is actually considered tall and falls in the 75th percentile.

Chase you have mastered the proper technique of crawling. You crawl as quickly and as flawlessly as Ryder, no one would ever know you just recently learned. Occasionally, you will revert back to the army crawl, but generally you are up and about on all 4's. You can also pull yourself up to standing and do it quite often, in your crib, on your toys, and your favorite, on me. You have also mastered the steps. Both of you love them and it seems you are racing up them at times. Daddy and I are trying to enforce that if you climb the steps it is to stay upstairs (ie: naptime, bedtime, bath time, etc.) You do not usually obey us on this, however.

Ryder you still love to clap. You get a kick out of hooraying and almost everything is worthy of applause. Chase you have learned to do "so big" and it is adorable as you raise your hands above your head. Chase, you love to strum your lips with your fingers while you are humming and it always makes all of us laugh. I am amazed how you know what is funny. You both also seem to know what is bad, although it does not usually stop you from doing it. You both play with the diaper champ, relentlessly. Both daddy and I tell you no, we tell you it is dirty and we pull you away, but it does not usually stop you from wanting to play with it. We have now taken it out of your room. Of course, a diaper champ in the hallway is not so great either.

You are great eaters. You both prefer table foods to baby food and have not rejected anything we have given you, nor have you gotten overly excited about anything. You do seem to really enjoy yogurt and cheese, however. We go out to lunch often and you are almost always well behaved. Daddy and I have taken you to dinner, as well. You usually give us about 45-60 minutes and it is fun sharing foods with you.

Daddy and I went on vacation this month. We spent 5 days away from you, relaxing in Jamaica. We had a fabulous time but missed you tremendously. We rested, slept, relaxed, all of which we needed and as we stared out into the beautiful Caribbean we were grateful for everything we had...the opportunity to vacation, each other, and mostly, both of you!!! We thought about you and talked about you everyday. The first night there I did not sleep so well, I kept thinking that you were missing, but all in all it was a good trip. You stayed with Mom-Mom Jill and Mom-Mom Joan and Pop-Pop, alternately. We got fantastic reviews from everybody and it seemed you did not miss us one bit. We are glad you had fun times with your grandparents.

We also celebrated my birthday this month. Amazingly, this was only my first birthday with you in my life and yet I can't remember my life without you. I am so thrilled to have you with me for all future birthday celebrations.

We took our first beach walk with you, and it seemed you loved it as much as we did. We are so excited for our summer with you bumming on the beach. We also spent some time in the park where you played in dirt. You loved it. Boys will be boys, I suppose, dirt and grime under your fingernails and all.

This month you graduated from the Tiny Tykes program at My Gym, you are officially a Waddler despite the fact that you do not waddle. The ball pit, which used to scare you, is now one of your favorite things to do, and of course, you still love the swings. At music, you are becoming more involved and when Miss Marilyn pulls out the balls and the instruments you both head straight to the pile. At playgroup you still play mostly amongst yourselves, but I do think you are starting to recognize the faces you are seeing every week.

Ryder you are beginning to walk when we hold your hands and cruise around the gates and the couch. You are actually pretty good at it, but I am not sure you even realize you are doing it. We do give you push toys to play with, but you usually end up sitting and playing with it. We get the feeling that you will be walking on your own sooner than any of us realizes.

Your hair is getting really long, and thick, and Chase's is oh so curly. After our Jamaica trip, the first thing I noticed was how much your hair had grown. I know it sounds silly, but it is true. You hair is getting long, which I love. After bath time that is when Chase's curls come out. They are adorable, but we are not sure yet if they are like mommy's or daddy's, perhaps both.

You are two very easy going, fun loving boys. Your laugh is infectious, and you don't seem to get bothered by too much. Although most days are scheduled there is always a flexibility to our schedule and you both do well with it. I guess you are laid back like your parents. You really seem to pay attention to the words we try to teach you and a lot of times I get the feeling that you are trying to say them. Sure it is still a lot of gibberish, with a bunch of dadada's thrown in there, but I do believe you are trying. Every day that passes daddy and I are more and more proud and we know we have been blessed with two sweet, funny, and very different boys. Life is often strange, and curve balls are sometimes thrown, stress builds and problems are dealt with, but what is always consistent and always inspiring and always real is our love for our little boys. Chase and Ryder you are special, sweet, and loved beyond measure.

I love you so,

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Jamaican Vacation, Mon

Todd and I are both afraid of heights yet we choose to spend our vacation cliffside at a resort where staircases are rail-less steps of winding rock, and entries to the turquoise Caribbean are 6-40 Ft. cliff jumps. It was beautiful and peaceful and invigorating despite our wobbly knees. The scariest part, looking back, was not the jump itself, but the approach. Descending the rock staircase, shaking, knowing that jumping is the better option then ascending those same rocky steps. Although this may sound risky or extreme, believe me when I say, it was neither. The jump into the salty waters was a refreshing change from the scorching sun. The quick rush was a boost of adrenaline that reminded us simply, we were on vacation.

We stayed at The Caves, a private, boutique resort in Negril. We were two of 14 people on the premises. The Caves is minimalistic, yet maximized in relaxation and beauty. It is private enough for celebrities, yet obtainable for commoners such as ourselves. There is not much to do other than relax and soak in the beauty of your surroundings, yet this was the one of the best vacations ever.

It is not unlike Todd and I to go away on vacation and come back with a friend or two. Often times we find ourselves befriending others and we become alliances amongst the sea of strangers. At The Caves it is different, however. The maximum capacity is 24 people. You know everybody's name and their basic story, and in return they know yours. We were Todd and Wendy, from Philly, with the Twins. There was Jack and Laurie, there celebrating her 50th; Scott and Kim, also from Philly, and they frequent Jamaica; Brian and Amanda from Alabama; and Danielle and Dave from Hoboken, they were honeymooning. At the resort you feel almost as if you are at home, casually conversing with your neighbors.

Being away without Chase and Ryder was not as bad as anticipated. We missed them dearly and though the 4 days were amazing the moment we walked in the door at home to see their smiles on Sunday was the best part of the vacation. We talked about them all the time. On our first night there I had some nightmares, I kept awaking thinking the boys were missing....I guess in a way they were, only they were safe. Despite missing them, It was nice to have time to myself and some time to relax, and of course some precious time alone with Todd. I remember after Todd and I first started to fall in love and we vacationed apart. I missed him terribly and wondered what our reunion would be like. Would he have missed me too (he did,) would our embrace be as wonderful as always (it was)? My thoughts were similar, I felt such dread leaving our boys. I wondered if they would miss us too, it seems they did not, and would their smiles melt our hearts and make us be so glad to be home, they did.

All in all it was a fantastic trip, worth the time away from our little guys. We all survived and we will do it again some time soon, we hope.

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