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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live came to town last week. When I heard about the show, I was excited, after all part of the thrill of having children is doing all sorts of fun things with them that you think they will never forget, if only they could remember. As soon as they were born I got excited to do things they were far too young to do. Was Sesame Street Live one of those things? After some deliberation and chats with other moms with same aged kids we decided to take Chase and Ryder to see their Sesame friends up close. All in all it was a success. Two 45 minute sets full of song and dance captured the boys attention the whole time. They were enthralled to see Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie and really excited to see that Jenny, the only non-monster character, carried and played a guitar. They watched, wide-eyed and silent for the duration, though they never danced or sang along. During the intermission they waited patiently for it to begin again, then went right back to standing on our laps as Part 2 began. There was a minor setback when the characters walked around and a monster yet to be identified got within arms reach of us and scared the daylights out of Chase. He jumped into my arms and held me tightly and never fully relaxed again, but luckily he never cried. They stayed until the end of the show, and only pointed at the Elmo balloons never asking to "hold it" as they do (which is fortunate since they were an astonsihing $8 a piece.)
On the way home we talked about the Sesame Street monsters, as we did for days before the show, but they were not too responsive. Turns out, of course, the next day, when asking them about Elmo, all they seemed to remember was Jenny and the guitar. Next time, we will just take them to a rock concert.

Children of all ages are captured by the characters!

Look Daddy, A GUITAR!!
I can almost reach them
Burt and Ernie Share a hug

Interested in seeing more picures of your favorite monsters and the tikes we took to see them, click here

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