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Sunday, September 20, 2015

He Crawls

He's been working on it for months, long before his little tiny body should have been. At 3 months, when he started rolling over, he would try to move his body from one point to another.  But now, at 6 months, he is up and moving.  He didn't do it at 5:00pm and by 6:00pm it was done.  He's a crawler.
 Look at him go.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

He Laughs

His laughter is contagious!

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Letter to my Son on his 6 Month Birthday!

Dear Decker,

We have been half-way around the sun since your birth.  The season has changed twice and is preparing to change again.  A school year has ended, a new one has begun.  6 months.  Half of a year.  It seems like just a few minutes. Yet, the calendar does not need to be turned in order to see how much has changed because Decker, my sweet boy, you are not the tiny little infant we held in our arms when the weather was still so cold.

No, now you are a baby, an active one at that.  You sit up, perfectly postured, for long periods of time.  And, you can get into that seated position yourself, even when lying down.  You roll all around and cover a good amount of surface area with your rolls.  You're working hard to get your crawl down but aren't quite there yet.  You can get  up on all 4's, you can rock back and forth, and you can move an arm forward, you just have not been able to master the balance of moving the arm and the opposite leg simultaneously.

You babble.  You babble often and not so quietly.  You babble when you're happy.  You babble when you're sleeping.  You must just have a lot to say. You coo. You giggle.  And, more than anything else, you smile.  Always.  You really are the happiest baby on the block.

Happy, indeed, but you also seem to be quite serious.  Intently taking in the world around you, you watch and listen and pay close attention to the things you see and the things you hear.  In this way, and in many other ways, you remind me of Chase,  You're not so serious that you don't laugh.  A tickle around your neck ; a silly act by one of your brothers; my singing of one of your favorite songs; any of that can set you off giggling and the sound is pure joy to hear.

But, nothing makes you more excited, more happy, more kicky and punchy with your legs and arms than your daddy entering a room.  His arrival is marked with happy coos and spastic movements, and at that moment it is clear who your favorite person is.

You weighed in at 16.12 pounds, a gain of 1 pound 8 ounces, and measured 16.5 inches long, a half inch of growth.  You are still in size 2 diapers but are getting ready for size 3 and you wear 6 month clothing.  You still only have your same two bottom teeth and continue to stick your fist in your mouth while drooling enough to soak a shirt.  Soon enough more should pop through.

We had a very busy last month and between now and then we have been to the Poconos, where we took you in the middle of the night to the beach to watch a meteor shower.  Without much shock you were easy going and happy to join the party no matter the disrupted sleep.  We've been to Baltimore, where we visited museums, visited with cousins, and had a great time.  All the while, you just hung out, smile on your face, once again happy to be included.  We also went to Hershey Park where, you guessed it, you smiled and cooed and enjoyed the day while everyone around you hit the big coasters.

You spent the summer napping outside at the pool and just going where we went, late nights, long days, all of it was fine for you.  You really are incredible.

6 months old and your eyes are still blue, blue as can be.  And, nope, I am still not 100% convinced that they are never changing.  6 months old and your hair is coming in shiny and soft and a light shade of brown. 6 months old and you love to have your hands clapped together, to be tickled, and to just be with all of us.  You enjoy your exer-saucer and the occasional toy you are given.

Your brothers went back to school and you and I stood back and watched the bus take them away on the first day.  I have a feeling you will miss the noise and the chaos that they bring!  Don't worry, they'll be home every afternoon with it.

Time goes quickly.  You are 6 months today but you'll be 6 years "tomorrow" and I just try to enjoy my moments in between with you.  You bring joy and calm and smiles to all of us and I could not be more proud to call you my son.

Happy 6 Months, Dex.


We all love you so!!


Turner at 6 months

Decker's First Food

We began Decker on food just after he hit his 6 month milestone.  Everyone enjoys helping to feed him.