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Friday, March 21, 2008


It is no easy task to teach your child manners. It is common knowledge that the best way to teach them is by example and I think I say please and thank you often...but do I?
It began with sign language and the boys got it down pretty quickly, rubbing their hands across their chests (please,) and Ryder learned real fast that throwing in a pair of puppy dog eyes never hurt anything. Once they learned to talk they got pretty good at saying please, still with the hand rub and wide open eyes, but usually after a reminder. For whatever reason though, Thank you has been much more difficult to grasp. Ryder has been ok with it, which is ironic since he has far fewer words than Chase. But, he says something with two syllables that sounds a lot like thank you and is usually in proper context. Chase, however, did not say thank you, not on his own, not with a reminder. When I would say, "Chase say thank you" he would look at me with his dimples and simply say "you're welcome." I was not sure how to correct him. It seems we have come to a turning point, however, Chase has begun with his thank you's this week and usually without a reminder. Ryder hands him his milk, which he does often, Chase looks at him and says thank you! I heard the words several times today alone and it is always rewarding to know they are listening, and eventually they do learn.

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