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Monday, November 24, 2014


I've felt high for the entire 6 months of this pregnancy thus far.  Ecstatic. Elated. Energetic. Sure, I've had my "moments" of frustration, anger, sadness- but overall, I feel fantastic.

This second trimester, however, has been, well, interesting on top of everything else.  I am a nesting fool.  Really.  I have felt the need to clean and organize , but mostly, my nesting comes in the form of craftiness.  And, in most cases, I mean by painting.  I am on my third room now. The dining room. Hardly a necessity. But, since I am not ready to do IV's room, yet, I chose a different project.  

Although it is a bit tiring and my arm feels slightly cramped, I've been enjoying it tremendously, and it's not like my house can't use an overhaul. 

I just hope the need, the desire, the energy, continues long enough to get the baby's room done next month. 

I had just nested through the organization of the dining room, and I must say, I was loving it, so neat and so clean. Now, it is in shambles, packed up, and rearranged, so that I can paint monotone- blue on blue stripes onto each of the walls.  

At this rate, every shade of blue should be well represented in my house before I give birth. 

Every pregnancy is different, just as every kid is different.  4th time in you realize that life doesn't stop 'cause your pregnant. It won't even stop 'cause I give birth. It may come to a quick pause, but that will be all.  I've learned I can't sit around waiting for March to come. It will, and quickly.  So, I continue on as if everything is the same as it was 6 months ago. Deep down, I know so much is different, better- but still so much is the same.  

I can't wait to meet you IV. I really can't.  But, since I have to, I am paint some more.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

6 Months

I stay up entirely too late at night.  I should be sleeping, it's nearly midnight and I am 6 months pregnant. But, I have energy, pregnancy induced, of course, and my hours in the quiet, as the middle of the night approaches, are mine. All mine.  Finally, my feet are up.  Finally, I'm relaxing. I can put my hand on my belly and spend some time feeling my very active baby boy.

He kicks me all day long, let's me know he's there and ready to hit the ground running.  But, during these quiet hours, is when I can sit, and enjoy it.  Feel it. Experience it.  Love it.  

I love being pregnant.  I always have. I wasn't sure that being pregnant at nearly 40 would be this enjoyable.  But is is. Perhaps even more so. The surprise still lingering, the joys of the unexpected, and the wonderful feeling of being pregnant, this time- for the last time.  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fourth and Final

Physically, I feel great. This pregnancy, as my others had been, has been kind to me. I know I'm fortunate that it is easy for me to forget I am pregnant. I also know what you're thinking, I forget a lot of things, which is true.  But, still, the way my body feels day to day, nearly six months in, is very, well, normal. Until I try to fit into a space between a wall and a chair, that I would normally fit into, and suddenly I am wedged because my belly has finally outgrown my boobs.  I chuckle as I am quickly reminded that I am with child.

And, for what it is worth, IV doesn't let me forget about him easily.  He causes me no aggravation at all but is very active and his kicks and jabs are constant enough that I can feel him when ever I want that special moment.  

I love the kicks and the jabs.  That is something only I can share with my baby boy.  Nobody else can have those moments, those special reminders of his being, of his soul, of him. I cherish it, knowing full well this is my last pregnancy and I won't have moments like those again. 

I know. I said that before. I did. And, I meant it.  This blessing was an unexpected surprise that I welcome whole heartedly.  But, there won't be another.  Todd is getting a vasectomy. I wouldn't have been as comfortable with that decision a few years ago. But, now, four kids in and just about 40, I know this is the right decision.  

IV- I can't wait to meet you. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014