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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy 20 Month Birthday!!!

Dear Chase and Ryder,
Two days ago you turned 20 months old. I truly can't believe that you are nearing that two mark. The time is sure passing by so quickly. At 20 months you are both full of energy, you have senses of humor and love to be silly, and your love affair with Barney continues.
Verbally, Chase you continue to impress with your expansive vocabulary and perfectly pronounced words. You repeat everything we say including a recent "oh shit," my reaction to a leaking sink. You are starting to put together small sentences and you always watch the mouth of the person speaking to you, as if you are learning how to move your mouth to say the same words. You can now fill in words to certain songs, your new favorite is Zippity Doo Dah which we sing when we are zipping anything, primarily your coat. You are also very interested in the song Home on the Range. I am not sure why I started singing that song one day, I barely know the words, yet ever since you always ask me to sing it by simply saying "home."
Ryder, you are improving everyday with your speaking. You are slowly adding more words to your vocabulary and though not all of them are clear we are seeing improvements. You definitely understand everything we say, and seem to be able to think through your needs and wants, you are just not quite as able to verbalize them. One of your most often used words is "stuck" which actually sounds like "duck." It is funny to me how many times you use the word "duck" and I often laugh that you don't say Chase too often but stuck you say. You also have a funny way of garbling your words. You want to say so much, but can't, and end up moving your tongue up and down against your lips. It is rather funny!
You are both teething. Ryder you must be getting molars. You are drooling again, and sticking everything in your mouth. You have very few teeth left to get, so hopefully this is the near end to the pain for you. Chase, you are in the process of getting another tooth. Your teeth seem to break through the skin slowly. This will officially be your 7th tooth. 20 months old, 7 teeth !!!
Classes are going well and you seem to be enjoying them. We all like to be kept busy because none of us are very good at being home all day. I suppose that is how I have trained you, for better or for worse.
Chase, it turns out you had an ear infection. For about two weeks you were getting random fevers. You would be fine all day, then get 101 right after your nap. We were at the doctor three times and nothing turned up. You were whining a lot and did not seem like yourself but we could not determine a problem. Finally, the infection came out in your ear, you are on antibiotics and you are much, much better. Unfortunately, you still whine a bit, which daddy and I are working on.
We also took you to get a haircut this month. Just prior to the cut you had long hair with ringlets. Your curls were a part of you and many people complemented us on them. But, they got too long so we took you for a trim, which turned out to be a scalping. High and short is the best description. It has a been a few weeks now and it is starting to grow back nicely. You really look adorable, but you also look much older.
Ryder you have been healthy with the exception of a 24 hour bout with a high fever. Your hair has not been cut and is on the longer side. It is straight and adorable and there is just no need to cut it yet.
We celebrated Valentines day this month, which allowed you to indulge in a number of chocolate treats and now "chocolate" is on Chase's list of most often said words. You also have been enjoying, probably all too often, lollipops, or as you call them lollipopop's. Which is adorable. You love to suck on them despite how sticky you become. I have to be careful where and when I allow you to have them.
We said goodbye to one of your fish recently. Well I said goodbye. I really did not mention anything to you about the fish dying and you have not seemed to notice or care. It was bubble who died, only it wasn't her anyway, because she had died a week earlier and I replaced her with a look-alike. When she didn't make it I decided to hedge my far, so goo.
We took you to the Camden Aquarium this month. You both absolutely loved it and walked around the place with excitement and interest. We had so much fun watching you as you got excited about the colorful fish, the size of a hippo, or the mass of a shark. The penguins were a huge hit. It was fun. We went to see Sesame Street Live tonight. You both did very well, impressively so, considering it was a 90 minute show (two 45 minute halves.) You both watched intently and seriously. You waved to all of your sesame friends but you did not opt to sing along...oh well, maybe next time. You seemed to like the characters until one, whose identity we have yet to uncover, got up right next to us (our seats were on the floor at the end) and Chase you got so scared you jumped into my arms with a whimper. It took some time for you to recover from that. All in all, however, it was a fun time.

Ryder, you still love the guitar and it is amazing to all that see how natural you are as you carry it around the house, stop to strum it, and then carry on. You always play it left handed and it seems to be a part of who you are, at least who you are at this point in your life. You love Elton John, mostly just the DVD that we have played for you and you are fascinated when you watch it. You now like to take the CD's out of the cabinet and call them all Elton. You both love Barney (Marney,as Ryder calls him) and we watch way too much of it a day. You also like to watch Elmo's World. Recently Ellie taught you the Chicken dance, which was quite hilarious to watch. Occasionally Chase, you will break out with the wing dance. This always makes me laugh.
Ryder you had an exciting event this month as you peed in the Elmo Potty for the first time. It was a one time deal, at least so far, but it was still pretty exciting for us.
Our favorite activity is still sitting by the window looking for trucks, neighbors, and mostly the school bus and students. We now point out school buses, tractors, trucks, and flags whenever we see them along our drive. You are most certainly boys.
We welcomed a new friend this month. Jackson Ryan Klaus was born on 2.24.07. You have not met him yet, but you will and when you do it will be fun to watch you grow up together.
Ryder you seem very attached to me these days. You do just fine when I am not with you but it is often a bit of a push to separate you from me when I need to leave. I can't say I am upset that you love your momma:) You want to share a lot more often these days, which is great. You will offer a lick of your lolli or a sip of your milk and you love to shove half eaten cookies in my mouth. Chase, you are much less interested in sharing but you do seem to have a general concern for your brother always checking to make sure he has what he needs. Ryder, you often call Chase "brother" which cracks daddy and I up. It is so cute.
You love spending time with your grandparents and your cousins and your friends. You are friendly, happy boys. You greet everyone we see in public with waves and smiles and often with "hi's" and you say goodbye to everything, including your toys and books. It is cute. You love to be tickled and we usually end our nights with a round of tickle torture. Hide and seek is still a blast, books are enjoyable on your terms, which means we rarely read a book cover to cover. You enjoy doing puzzles a bit more now and are getting much better at putting the pieces where they actually belong. You still eat the crayons more than color with them but we are working on it.

I am still awed by the boys that you are. At night, daddy and I will watch you while you sleep and we are amazed by your peacefulness, your beauty. We know, everyday, how truly lucky we are and we love you more than can be measured.

Much love to my boys,

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