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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Potty Peeing!

On the 5 previous bath nights before tonight Ryder peed on his bedroom floor in the period of time between taking off his towel and putting a diaper on him. He does it while laughing, either because it feels good or because he knows he shouldn't be, probably both!! The first time it happened, we thought it was random. The second night, we thought it was weird it happened again. By night three we started to figure it out and nights 4 and 5 I guess we were just procrastinating. Tonight we decided to sit Ryder on the Elmo potty after he came out of the bath. We figured if was going to pee it may as well be in the proper place. Lo and behold he actually did it. Todd and I were amazed. When we bought the potty it was because Chase was showing an interest and telling us when he was wet. He used the word potty pretty often, so we went and bought a potty. Since we bought it however, Chase has no interest in it and Ryder would occasionally sit on it, but mostly he liked to pull off the parts. So, it was to our disbelief when we asked him to sit on it that he did excitedly, sat there for a minute or so and then peed. In typical Ryder fashion he then tried to stick his hands into the potty but we managed to prevent him from playing with his own siss. I am not expecting this one instance to become the training period for our boy, but I thought we should go on record with his first potty peeing.

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