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Monday, June 25, 2007

Bottles Be Gone!

We transitioned the boys from formula to milk, from bottles to cups. I had anticipated this transition for a bit and even sought advice from the experienced. It turned out to be no big deal. I had begun preparing for this day for about a month. I started giving the boys their morning formula in the sippy cups. It was not going all that well, however. A few ounces at most was all they would take before they would cry for their bottles. COLD TURKEY. That was the advice. We decided to listen. We ran out of formula on Friday, 15 days before their 1st birthday. So, we just bought milk and poured it into a cup. The boys did not miss a beat. They started immediately drinking from the cups, which prior to this day they had no interest in and they did not seem to notice or care that it was no longer formula. Perhaps potty training will be that easy?! I suppose they were just ready and being ready for a change is half the battle.
They now drink milk with their meals, and of course they are taking far less ounces than they did of the formula. As a result, they are eating a lot more and I am not sure sharing ONE of anything will ever be enough for them again.
I can tell you I am thrilled to not have to buy 8 cans of formula for $300 every two weeks. I am thrilled to not have to wash the well, or the straw, or the nipple of the Dr. Browns anymore. And, thought it will be interesting to buy milk every few days this seems like a much better phase. Bye bye bottles, bye bye similac, perhaps I will see you again, but bye bye for now!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

pool pals

When Todd and I set out to buy the home we wanted to raise our children in, a pool was not on my MUST HAVE list. A pool was not really on my MAYBE list, as I knew the amount of work they take to maintain and I knew we liked going to the shore. But, we bought a house with a pool. A pool that was not well taken care of, needed a heater, and needed a makeover. We renovated the pool this past month. It was not a fun or cheap project but the pool became worth its weight in maintance, and worth its cost in renovations.
We love to entertain, so entertaining around the pool is always fun, but nothing will compare to the other day when we took Chase and Ryder into the pool for the very first time. Dressed in their adorable bathing suits and set up in the numerous floatation devices we bought them, our boys squealed with delight as we pushed them and splashed them around the pool. Smiles wider than faces, and laughter which bounced off the waves, they had the time of their lives. Perhaps they are water babies and inherited the Tovsky swimming trait, because it is clear the Citrenbaum's do not excel in that area.

Home Depoo

We are renovating the boys bathroom. By renovating, we mean demolishing and starting again from the ground on up. The boys certainly did not need a brand new bathroom yet, but a leaking pipe caused us to rearrange our project list putting their bathroom right at the top. When it is done the boys will have a bigger and nicer bathroom then their parents.
It was a large project to begin with, but has become a total mess in the 6 days since it began. We have a plumber we use who won't install anything from Home Depot. When we did our powder room using his expertise we had to shop elsewhere. We did. We went against his policies this go round. We figured we weren't using him for the install and being a kids bathroom why not save a few bucks. Shame on us. It has been a total disaster and if anyone reads my blog let this be a warning to be cautious before going through Home Depoo for your renovations. To list the disasters in no particular order we have: 1. the wrong tub (wrong color, wrong drain side) was sent to us. We told them of this mistake, which is currently holding up the renovation, and despite our arguing, both kindly and angrily, they have not expedited the shipping of the new tub. We were first told Tuesday, then after being told "we are not liars, but perhaps we misunderstood" we were told emphatically Thursday. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. He repeated it a number of times. On Thursday we found out the tub comes Monday. I do believe we were accused of "misunderstanding" again. No further work can be done on this bathroom until we receive the tub. This is now a total of 4 days lost, all of which we intend to charge to Home Depoo. 2 and 3: They sent us the wrong wall hutch, which in turns makes it the wrong vanity top. Both need to be reordered and are not expected to arrive before July 2nd. This makes a 5 day project into a minimum of 3 weeks, all time lost, all which we expect to be compensated for. In addition, we received chipped and scratched vanity doors, medicine cabinets were never ordered, and the customer service we have been receiving is about as good as you give to a piece of shit. We have never seen anything like it. Todd and I have been tag team dealing with the assorted managers and expediter and both of us have been calm, kind, stern and willing to forgive the mistakes if they attempted at taking care of them. We have both also needed to be a bit more angry and tough, which is also getting us nowhere. Home Depot has lost a customer and we will be spreading the word. The boys bathroom will look great when this is over and we will move on and get over this inconvenience, but we won't be heading to home depoo for anything else, ever again.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Diaper Changing Derby

I remember the first time I changed a diaper, unsupervised. I was old enough that it should not have been my first diaper, but it was. I was babysitting my friend's kid. I had been alone with the infant for an hour or so and all was going well. It came time to change the diaper and I set her down on the changing table ready to go. I started to sweat. A million what if's went through my head, including WHAT IF SHE FALLS OFF THIS TABLE?? Sweat continued to pour down me. Holding this squishy, delicate newborn had not scared me, changing her diaper had sent me into hysterics. I tried to remain calm, got her cleaned up, and set her down so I could regain my composure. I had survived, and so had she. I laughed, I realized changing a newborn's diaper was not all that hard.
Fast forward some years. The first diaper I changed on my own sons' was in an incubator and I had to stick my hands through the designated holes. The nurses made this look so easy and yet I found it awkward and difficult. I managed.
It seems that many new moms are scared of diaper changes. A fear runs through us as if it will be done wrong, when really the worst thing that happens is they leak. Messy, but certainly not disastrous. People want to read manuals or take lessons on this simple task, which in about a day you can do speedily and without thinking.
But, your newborn does not stay a placid infant for long. In fact, those days become a distant memory faster than you can realize. My premature newborns have become rambunctious 11 month olds and I really do need a lesson on how to change their diapers. The changes have become a wrestling match that often results in my win, if loose, sideways diapers count as a victory. I have to change them while they flail, and twist, and roll and stand. So far, I have not diapered their heads, nor suffered any leaks, but I don't get the reward for the perfect diapering either. Today, when I took Ryder out of his crib from his morning nap he was not wearing a diaper. The diaper lay 6 inches from his feet. I gave him a lot of credit as I wondered how he managed to get himself out of it, but the reality is the diaper was probably half hanging off when I put him down, since I had just changed him. Occasionally, one of them will behave for me. Finding enough interest in the toy (ie: brush, shoe, toothpaste, anything within reach) I have given him to give the few seconds I need to get them changed. Usually, however, its a battle, a battle of mom vs. son, of flailing vs. pinning, that leaves me winded and him changed. There really should be a manual for this!!


A few outings is all it took and our boys went from Beach bummers to beach bums. They have a new fascination with the sand,

Playing with it.....

and Eating it.....

They seem to enjoy the ocean breeze, though the ocean itself still scares them a bit.
I can't say I blame them. It is big and cold and the tide swallowed their feet as it approached. It's scary for a little one. I am sure it won't be too long before they are forcing me in the water, which is not where I prefer to be.

They managed to nap soundly by the beach, lounged out in their double stroller. We also fed them a sand filled lunch, but since they were eating sound by the handful, the sprinkling did not seem to effect them. Luckily, they do not even mind the sun protecting lotion application. Ryder must feel like he is wearing armour as he sticks his chest out and feels all around his body once it is applied. It is cute. We do bring a big blanket to the beach, but I guess we no longer need it as the boys opt to crawl all over, preferably on the sand until their whole body is covered. This results in the outdoor showering, which surprisingly also went really well. They like it!! Who knew.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A letter to my sons on their 11th Month Birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

You are getting this letter late because we were at the shore for the weekend. Aunt Amy, Uncle Jay, Delaney and Madden came down with us. We all had a lot of fun, and it was wonderful watching you interact with your cousins. As you get older you will continue to learn to appreciate the value of such a relationship.

11 Months! I can't believe you are nearly one year old. I just sent your birthday party invitations out today. I revel in your development and yet, I miss your infancy. It has all gone so quickly I fear I missed a moment to appreciate. I don't really think I have, however.
You both seem to be everything 11 month old boys are; active, energetic, little monkeys. You both love to climb, and you have found ways to climb things I did not know were climbable. Chase I saw you climbing the three drawer chest we keep in the playroom. You made it to the third and final drawer before it fell on you, but even that does not deter you. The staircase is your Everest. You both climb it several times a day and are always so proud of yourselves. You are good at it now, but it still causes concern for me so I have tried to work out a deal with can climb them when it is time to go upstairs for any reason. However, this is not a deal you have yet to agree with:) We have just begun to explain the concept of going backwards down the steps. Though I have shown you myself and using your little legs it is still a concept you have yet to understand.

Your "tricks" include waving, clapping, so big, and razzing your lips. You are much better at waving at hello and goodbye. Although you both can do these things, Ryder you seem uninterested in performing these "tricks," but Chase you love it. You make yourself (and us) so proud each and every time you do any of them. We are currently working on saying "How old are you?" and you responding with a pointed finger indicating you are one. You can raise the finger, just not yet on cue. Chase you are becoming much more expressive pointing at anything in your line of sight. You coo and babble in sentences that no one yet understands. Ryder, your babbling continues and you seem to have a lot to say. At times it sounds as if you are actually repeating the words we are saying. You pay real close attention to our words then attempt at the same sounds. You both love the light switches and this is an activity that you could do all day. Unfortunately, Mommy has to hold you while playing this game, and often times I am holding both of you as take turns with the Up-Down, Off-On.

Chase, you dislike all noises. The vacuum cleaner sends you into hysterics and you jump into the arms of the closest safekeeper. You always hold on tight until it stops. The same goes for the coffee grinder, which you hear almost every morning, and any other less than pleasant sound. It is amazing how far and quick you can jump!!

Your eating continues to be strong and we have pretty much retired the baby foods. Chase, you are hard to keep up with, it seems you eat it faster than we can cut it. Ryder, you still have a bit of a tendency to choke which always scares the daylights out of us. Please, please be careful my love. You love to feed yourselves with the spoon. Although this is wonderful and we do encourage it, it is a bit messy and the kitchen ultimately ends up a splattered mess of a yogurt. In spite of the mess, however, you are both pretty good at directing the spoon to your mouth. I have to fight you for the spoon after each mouthful so that I can refill it, but it is just the game we play.
In an attempt to ween you from your bottles, we have been giving you your morning formula half in the bottle, half in the sippy cup. Neither of you seem to understand that it is the same drink in the cup and some crying incurs, but eventually you give in and sip it. You have yet to finish a cup of milk, or even juice for that matter, but we do see improvement so that is good. Ryder, you have learned to hold your bottle yourself. You can hold the bottle at the right angle and have even learned to tilt your head back as the bottle empties. You now feed yourself for most feedings, which is great for mommy and daddy. Chase, occasionally you will put your hands on your bottle and hold it, but in the end you prefer us to hold it for you.

Ryder you got four top teeth all at once. It is funny to see a mouthful of teeth (6 in total) and you did pretty well during the breaking through. You were throwing up for what seemed to be no reason, and we accounted it to the teething, but you went on with your business as usual and did not seem otherwise affected. I think you may be getting your one year molars, as well. You have been drooling a lot and putting your fingers to the back of your mouth. You were also a bit crankier the last few days. We understand, and we are doing what we can to comfort you.
Chase you still have two teeth but are also teething. Your shirt is wet from drool and everything and anything goes in your mouth. Soon enough you too will have a mouth full.

We took you on the beach for the first time. Neither of you loved it. You both felt the sand with one pointed finger and withdrew quickly, as if it was hot (it wasn't.) When we put your feet in the sand, Chase your cried and jumped back into my arms. Ryder you were a little squirmy and whined a bit as you held on tight to daddy. We did not give up, however. Three times is all it took and now you seem to love the beach. Your favorite part is to eat the sand, by fistfuls. You no longer prefer to sit on the blanket, instead you want to be covered from head to toe in sand. We took you down to the ocean. You were both a bit unsure of this large body of water. I am sure it did not help that it was very cold. We put your feet in the water and let the approaching tide hit you a bit, but you were both a bit scared. We will try again, I am sure it won't be long until you love it.

We have yet to cut your hair, as we are waiting until after your first birthday! As a result you both have a lot of hair!! It is getting longer and thicker and it is cute. Chase you have crazy curls. They are really adorable and it gets curlier as it gets longer. I am not sure if it is daddy's hair you have, or perhaps even Pop-Pop's but it is curly!! Ryder, your hair is wavy, though the ends curl up, especially since it is so long. We will see what happens after your first cut.

You welcomed two new friends this month. Samson Roy Berlin was born on 5/28, and last night we welcomed Olivia Rose Betesh. We are excited for you to meet them both. It won't be long before Olivia is playing right along side of you and her sister Ellie and Rachel and I are excited to watch our children grow up together. We are now awaiting the birth of Max's little brother. You also spent time with Josh Cooper this month. It was so nice to see you three boys together and I know Daddy and Uncle Adam were thrilled to see it too. Hopefully you will spend more time with him this summer.

It has been another exciting month. It all goes by so quickly and we try to cherish every moment. You remain to be wonderfully active, wonderfully happy, wonderfully funny boys. You bring joy to so many of us and you continue to make us all so proud. I am amazed by how well you behave when we are out for an entire day, or in a restaurant, or running awful errands. Your laughter is contagious and your smiles light up rooms. I know we tell you all the time, but we can not ever tell you enough how much we love you, how very proud of you we are, and how everyday we are reminded that we have been blessed with you boys. It is important that you always remember that daddy and I love both of you and we love each other and it is just that that makes family so very special.

All of my love,

Monday, June 4, 2007

My baby book does not have a lot of information. I am often teased it is because I am the third child. It may be true, I am sure my brother's, who is the oldest child, is loaded with every detail of pooh and drool. I am not sure what my excuse is...Chase and Ryder do not have a baby book filled in with any pertinent information as of yet. I take notes and promise it will be done before they are one, but time is ticking.....
Anyway, what my baby book does say, often, is that I was a great eater. This is another thing I am teased about. I think, if nothing else, I could put the same information into Chase's book. This could possibly be the only proof he is my son, other than that I bore him, since he seems to be all Todd.
It is true. Chase is a great eater. He chews well. He eats anything we give him. He eats faster than we are able to give him bits and he shovels it in with both hands. It is rather impressive. He has been a good eater since we started him with the food and he continues to improve daily.
He also is finally grasping the concept of the cup, which is an area that Ryder seems to excel in. Though grasping the concept, he remains to be a sipper (another trait he gets from me!!) where Ryder is a bit more of a chugger (perhaps he gets that from Todd?)
Just this morning I gave them their morning formula in their cups. Ryder did pretty well, taking 3-4 oz of the 8 before resorting back to the bottle. Chase took 3 or 4 sips before going back to the bottle, which he never finished. Tomorrow is another day for that.

So, eventually I will do their books, and if nothing else let it proclaim that Chase is a good eater, just like his mommy was at his age.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Ease of a Sunday Morning

Prior to December of 2005, Sunday mornings existed only on the tail of Saturday nights plan and it was rare we would welcome a Sunday before the clock showed PM. But that was our other life. In this life early Sunday morning is one of my favorite moments in our usually hectic week. The boys will wake us with their sweet coo's and gibberish conversation. Either Todd or I, whichever is able to move first, will go and gather our boys and bring them into bed with us. They will crawl around, often on our heads and jabbing their fingers into our ears and eyes. Occasionally, drool will hit us in our foreheads and often a hand will push down on our unemptied bladder, and yet we find this enjoyable. At home they love the big mirror behind our bed and laugh at themselves and eachother as they slap the mirror. At the shore there is no mirror but instead they have a light switch to play with, which provides them with many many minutes of fun as the bright lights flash relentlessly in our tired eyes. Yet, this too, we find enjoyable. The ease of Sunday mornings, the joy of our family time!!