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Monday, March 17, 2008


The boys have been sitting on the Elmo potty with a bit more regularity these days. It is now a part of our bedtime routine. This morning, however, the boys asked with smiles on their faces to sit on the potty. Quickly we raced up the stairs. Once in the bathroom the boys actually pushed each other out of the way in order to be the one on the potty first. Fully clothed, Chase sat down. But, since they had to get their pants and diapers off, Ryder had the chance to sit. He sat, he peed, he applauded and then he got up allowing Chase a turn. Chase has not been so comfortable sitting on Elmo, and had yet to actually make a siss. He sat down all stiff, almost as if there were pins on the seat. I knew he would never pee so tensed up so I told him simply to relax. He looked at me, doe-eyed, and repeated, "relax!." which made me laugh. I said, "that's right buddy, just relax there." I handed him his step stool with the Chase puzzle, I said, "relax, do your puzzle." He grinned, "relax!" he said, then started playing with the pieces. Amazingly, he did relax, enjoyed sitting there for a few moments despite the fact that he never peed.
Tonight before bed we did our normal routine including sitting on the potty. Ryder sat first, peed within minutes, received his applaud, applauded himself, got his sticker and got up. Now it was Chase's turn, he looked at me as he sat on the potty..."relax!" he said as he reached for his puzzle stool. I giggled and he giggled and then a tinkle. That's right, Chase, finally relaxed, made his first sissy in the potty. We are not sure exactly where this is headed, but Ryder is 4 sissy's in and with Chase conquering his first we are definitely headed in the right direction.

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