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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Turner saunters

Turner doesn't walk.  No, he saunters.  In and out of the classroom, the store, around the house.  He saunters to a rhythm, swingings his hips and strutting, and giving you every indication that he has music in his head.   If you know Turner this doesn't come as a surprise as his personality is one that requires a sauntering.  He is silly and funny and, still, cool as can be.   He is quiet and shy but extremely flirtatious, then in an instant can turn it on to be the life of the party and the loudest person in the room.   Everyone likes Turner.  Everyone knows Turner.  The boys want to be his friend, the girls want to be his girlfriend, and I don't say this because he is my kid, though it does sound that way.

So, yep, Turner saunters when he walks and somehow it is perfectly appropriate.

Saunter is actually an action verb.  Would have been an appropriate name for my son:)

Punch Bug

The game, according to Turner, "is always, always on."  He says it so cute, as only a three year old could, that Chase, Ryder, and I always crack up laughing.  But, this was a surprise reward of teaching the boys the game I grew up playing, Punch Bug.

I am not exactly sure why I wanted to permit "punching" any more than necessary but with all of our car travels, back and forth, I thought it would be fun to have a game that is, well, always on.

The boys have learned to pay attention, to observe their surroundings, and though they don't always play fairly, they do try to.  We don't actually punch, just a light tap, which has yet to get out of control and since I tend to spot most of them I am now giving a throat clearing cough when a VW Beetle is heading my way in attempt to tip off the fastest-to-respond boy.

It's me against them, in most cases, and every time they feel I have too many points they insist I go back to zero.  And, I do.

But, still playing Punch Bug is fun.  And, now there is such a variety of them, not only the colors and the convertibles, but the other day we saw a SOUPED UP BUGGY, fancy rims, racing stripes.  It looked kind of silly with the flower shaped rear lights but it certainly sparked some questions.

Before our next road trip, whenever that may be, I will teach them Padoodle and between the two games (and "Going on a picnic") we should be all set.