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Sunday, March 23, 2008

It Computes!

Once Ryder was able to start moving his fingers at his own will his favorite past time has been using these fingers to press buttons. Light switches, remote controls, telephones, all were fun for him. However, his true favorite is the computer. Not a toy computer, or the old keyboard we gave him to bang on, but my computer, or Todd's, or any computer he sees at a restaurant, store, or doctor's office. Sure, a friends computer is perfectly acceptable, lets go there and bang on some keys. Once he was mobile he would move himself right over to the computer. If he is missing, check the computer, you will likely find him. Since, however, Ryder did not have a lot of words he nicknamed the computer something he could say easily..."FWA." Yes, that was his pet nickname for his favorite toy. He used it so authoritatively and consistently that I found myself (and others) calling the machine a "fwa" as well.
Twenty and a half months, the words are starting to be put together by my little engineer and he now calls it a "puter." He says it, now, so naturally, as if he never called it a FWA at all. Yes, it true, time does pass and the things you are teaching them really do, eventually, compute.

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The Pierce Posse said...

Justin said "puter" for a long time. So cute. And great work on the potty training. You're way ahead of me.