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Friday, September 7, 2012

Turner's First Day of the 3's

Turner started the 3's program at Ohev Shalom earlier this week.  After a successful year last year despite his tendency to not speak to the teachers and his refusal to use the potty we are already off to a better start this year.  He is comfortable with Miss Beth and Miss Robin, knowing his brothers had them, and having gotten to know Miss Robin at Briarwood this summer.  He was super excited for school to start and has happily gone both days this week.  here is to a great year.

Walking with a Hop in his Step!

Must Be a Twin Thing!

Chase is a competitive boy.  So, when Ryder lost his first tooth over five months ago I am sure he felt a little pressure to lose one too.  He never said a word about it aside from occasionally mentioning he had a loose tooth.  Which he didn't.  Until recently.

A few days ago, maybe longer, that front bottom tooth started wiggling and Chase was giving up at nothing to get that thing out of his mouth as fast as possible.  He wiggled it.  He jiggled it.  He took big old bites out of whole apples.  And, he begged everyone from me, to Pop-Pop, to Todd, to our neighbors to pull it right out of his mouth.

Only the tooth wasn't ready.  Somehow, that was not the answer Chase wanted to hear so he asked Ryder to do it.  Ryder took this request like the honor of being knighted.

And so, our Friday night tooth pulling party began.

Ryder had a plan.  A twist.  A pull.  A press.  Repeat.  This went on for the better half of an hour.  Ryder was unbelievably gentle.  He stopped and removed his hands at Chase's command.  He talked his way through it letting Chase know what he was doing.  Chase was brave, patient, and preferred the size of Ryder's hands to Todd's.  Turner watched, hiding his eyes only when I did.  Todd assisted. I documented the night on film.  The whole scene, from beginning to end, was beautiful to watch and happened as only it could with brothers.  Twins.

At the end, with a tooth the size of a finger nail in his hand, Chase cried tears of happiness and Ryder celerated his little victory.  A ll 3boys cheered together at the loss of Chase's first tooth.  Then they helped decorate the tooth fairy's letter.

I guess this was better than movie night.