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Sunday, November 8, 2015

JDRF One Walk- Three walkers and a Bundled Sleeper

When I was pregnant with Decker I swore up and down that, after his birth, I would walk.  I would walk to lose the baby weight.  I would walk to give my newborn 4th son some fresh air.  I would walk to lose the baby weight.  I would walk as an escape from the chaos within our four walls.  I would walk for my own sanity.  And, I would walk to lose the baby weight.

He is 8 months old.  I have taken him on some walks and I have let him enjoy the fresh air.  And, although it isn't easy in a home with 3 rambunctious brothers, we have even escaped the chaos on occasion.  But, I have not walked to lose baby weight.  Not once.  I can prove this by stepping on the scale.  There are a million reasons, or excuses, that I have given for why I didn't commit to walking: the lack of time (I do have 4 kids and a job;) the need to sleep; and more than once I used the weather as an excuse.  I can't do that anymore.  At least not as an excuse for Decker.

Checking out the comforts of his new seat
Last Sunday (November 1st) I had the honor of walking in the JDRF One walk to help raise awareness and money for Type 1 diabetes.  With relatives and friends afflicted with this disease I knew this was just a small piece of what I could give to help find a cure.  I was joined by three of my sons and lucky enough to be part of a wonderful team, filled with little ones like Decker, that was sponsored by JJ Cole Collections.  The JJ Cole #bundlemegood Moms team earned $1,000 towards the more than $200,000 raised that day for Type 1 Diabetes.

In part of this sponsorship JJ Cole Collections provided the littles on our team with a #teambundleme hat and an original bundleme.  Decker was both in style and warm in his original toddler sized bundleme (in graphite) and his warm and cozy new hat.
Sunday morning was a beautiful day for a walk with just enough chill in the air in the early morning to justify the bundleme.  The bundleme is, for all intents and purposes, a sleeping bag.  The coziest, warmest, most snuggly sleeping bag you can imagine. With just a few velcro strapped openings for the infant carrier buckles it attaches simply to your car seat.  In less than a minute I converted his ol' infant carrier into the softest and snuggliest mobile oasis.  I strapped him in and within minutes he was asleep.  And, sleeping is how he remained for the next 3 hours.  He slept through the in and out of the car, through the steep downhill trek from the parking lot to the welcome area of the walk, and through the loud music and happy sounds of children and adults gathered for a good cause.  He slept while his brothers played in the game truck on site, and through the starting sounds as all of us,   JJ Cole Team #bundlemegood Moms and all of the many other JDRF supporters, began our 3 mile trek through beautiful Tyler State Park.  He slept, as I panted and sweat, and pushed up the many hills, and he slept as two of his brothers darted ahead of me claiming that I walk just too slow.  And, who could blame him?  I wanted to climb right in myself, particularly after the three miles winded me, and take a 3 hour nap. 


The starting point, we are off!


Now, it's true I think he is one cute kid, but how adorable does he look all snuggled up in this comfort?


When we crossed the finish line, his eyes opened, he grinned instantly, and you could tell he was happy and comfortable, and was probably unaware of the mitzvah his brothers and I just made.  And, when I pulled him out for hugs and play he was cuddly warm, which was perfect on my skin in the fall breeze.  Truth is, it was a beautiful day and he may not have needed all of that warmth, but the bundleme is a zippered sac that allows you to remove the top part if a beautiful day comes our way in the middle of the colder seasons.  And, the temperature can drop a lot, as it will in the coming weeks and months, and I can still have my boy outside and know that he is comfortable and warm. 


The bundleme is machine washable and easy to change from car seat to stroller so he won't need the bulk of winter jacket (which also prevents the 5-point harness from fastening close to him.)  And, since we are amidst Chase's ice hockey season, Decker will spend many games cheering on his brother rink side from the comforts of the warm and cozy bundleme.  I think I need to get myself one of these.  Then, of course, I really won't have an excuse to start walking off the baby weight.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Letter to my son in his 8th Month Birthday!

Dear Decker,

8 months, happy.  8 months, so big!  That is one of the things we have been working on, So big, a "trick" you have done, though you have not quite mastered, and it is just so adorable watching you do it.

Life continues to be a joy each day with you, my only complaint is not having enough one on one time with you. We are always going and running. And you're in school most days or in someone's else care.  But, we try to soak up special minutes with you and it is always such a pleasure.

You are active, as you were in utero, and not interested in sitting still when there are steps to climb or walls to pound on. You are also very persistent and very capable, attempting new tricks with an eager determination that allows you, usually, to master them before too long. Your most recent "trick" is the climbing of the stairs.  You practice ALL OF THE TIME and, though it is not quite mastered, you have improved tremendously and are almost there.  Changing your diaper becomes a battle of wills and though we do usually get the diaper sealed I can't guarantee that your pants are always on, particularly when many snaps are involved.

You play well, and happily, all by yourself finding the same charm in your smile that we all see. You can talk to a wall while banging your open hands on it and this can truly amuse you for some time. 

You still love your bottles and depend on them most for your nutrition though you've been slowly enjoying food more and more. Although it is usually baby food we give you, you are starting to show a preference for table food. You're starting to get the chew motion down in spite of having only the same two teeth you've had for the last 4 months. And, though you're teething again, still, always- we haven't seen another pearly white pop through. Not yet anyway.

Daycare has been going great and you seem to really enjoy your days there with Miss Cheryl and Phoebe. And, of course, your days with Uncle Mat are special to you and to him. In his care you learn new and exciting things that only Uncle Mat could ever teach.  

8 months old and you weighed in at 18.10 pounds and 28 inches long.  This is a 2 lb gain and 1.5 inches since your 6 month measurement.  You are strong and solid, so this weight doesn't surprise me, but you are also very lean.

We started with the fall season events, my favorite, and we have enjoyed corn maizing, bon fires, pumpkin picking and more.  And, though your first halloween was mostly uneventful, you sure did look cute in costume.  For the Bright Eyes parade you wore a costume they donated to us, SHREK. I  called you Shrek-er the whole day.  It made me giggle.  For Ryder's halloween classroom party and the Van Aken bash that night you wore the Tootsie Roll.  Somehow, I don't have a great picture but you were my adorable Tootsie pop!  Then on Halloween night, while your brothers ran around trick or treating, you strolled with me, giggling and looking adorable.  I am sure next year you will hold a bigger hand of two of your brothers as you try to keep up as they go door to door.

Time goes too quickly, you're getting bigger every day.  I wish I had more moments with you but I am so thrilled to have you with us as we go through our chaotic days.  You are such a joy and we all love you so.

I love you, Decker!