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Friday, February 29, 2008

Seeing Double!

Soon after we found out we were pregnant, we were given the good news that it was multiples. Immediately we were excited for the twins and never considered multiples could mean anything more. At a very early ultrasound, when Chase and Ryder were mere black dots, there seemed to be a third black dot. Apparently Baby B, who we now know as Ryder, had split into an identical twin. This was shocking to us and admittedly, I am not sure either of us took this as good news. After further viewing via ultrasound, the doctor said he was not sure that "B2" was viable, as it seemed smaller than his brothers. A week later when we went for another ultrasound, and to see heartbeats, Baby A (Chase) had a beat, as did Baby B (Ryder), but B2 had not developed and we were told it would be absorbed. In that week between the possibility of three and the reality of two we never once spoke about what we would do, and to be honest neither of us were disappointed to not be pregnant with triplets.
Occasionally, however, I think about what it may have been like to have three boys. I think about it on the days that our twins are a handful, wondering how we would have ever managed. And, I think about it on the days when they are sweet as can be and running to mommy for hugs and kisses, and think it may have been fun to wrap my arms around three pint sized men.
Recently, I took a round of photos of Ryder at his favorite window. I found the pictures to be quite interesting to look at, when it dawned on me....this is what it would have looked like...two little Ryders. Check it out!!
PS: Chase did not cooperate for this particular photo shoot. He loves the window as well but was too busy pointing out trucks, trees, dogs, and neighbors to marvel at his own reflection.

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