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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Damn it!!

Several Eagles seasons ago, an almost two year old Delaney, then the only grandchild, caught us off-guard when imitating my very animated father. Angrily he shouted at the ever-disappointing Eagles, "Damn it, you stupid..." he never finished finally recognized his granddaughter was present. She looked at him, at all of us, and said happily, "I say dammit too!" Against our better judgement we all laughed. It was hard not to.
Fast Forward another 2.5 years and we have a similar situation. Aware of their mimicry I have been trying hard to curb my language, but occasionally their trouble making gets the best of me and a damn it flows from my mouth. From the vast choices of expletives, and the number of "situations" I find myself in, damn it actually does fall into the curbed language category. However, now Ryder says dammit also. I have chosen to ignore the language hoping that he will get over it soon as well. After all, it could be so much worse.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy 22 Months!!

My Dear Sons,

This letter comes much later than usual, as it has been quite the week. Daddy has been travelling, mommy and Ryder were sick, Mother's day came, daddy went away again, then Chase got sick. Amazing how time passes and its no wonder my to do list has not gotten smaller.

Somehow, it is May!! The rain is falling, the flowers are growing, indeed, somehow it is May. Daddy and I just discussed earlier today that this is the fastest year in our lives. As we discussed it, we both realized that every year will probably go faster than the one before and so, we must hold on!!
Recently, I viewed photos of friends' newborn twin boys. Admittedly, it brought tears to my eyes. It was not so long ago that you were those tiny infants. You have gotten taller, heavier, and oh so much smarter.
Ryder your talking has developed beautifully!! Amazingly, in one month's time you went from speaking many words, most unclear, to speaking in simple sentences. Your words are much more clear, or maybe I have just learned your language, either way, we are communicating. You can say just about anything from strawberries, to raisins, to Mickey Mouse.You have developed a new concern for Chase and will ask "where's Chasey," or declare "Chasey's sleeping" or "Chasey's shoe," Yes, you always call him Chasey. The sweetness is returned as he calls you "Rydie." These are not nicknames daddy and I had anticipated.
Chase, as expected, your verbal skills continue to blossom. Your simple sentences have become more complex as you are stringing together 3 and 4 words. You are very into doing things yourself, which you say, "do it self, mommy!" Then, if and when you need help, "help you, mommy!" You always say you when you mean me, but that is typical of new talkers.

Chase, you are very independent, enjoy social situations, and seem to follow the instructions of teachers much better than you do mine. I am confident that you are ready to begin school and think you will be very happy come September.
We had a few birthday parties this month, Madden's, Margo's, Adam's, and mine. As a result, we sang happy birthday a lot and you both are getting the song down. Any sign of a cake, or candles, can break you into song. Sometimes you will start singing it out of nowhere.
This month, you both touched my heart, by learning to say "I love you!" You have repeated these words to us, and though it is inconsistent, it is amazing to hear each time. I can't wait to hear you say it all on your own, out of nowhere. For now, however, I cherish the repeated I love you's like a grade school student in love.

As daddy and I continue to try to instill manners we are amazed by the surprising times you choose to say those magic words. Chase, you will pretend to call Mom-Mom on the cell phone and ask her for "coffee, please." You do this often, it is quite hilarious. You have also thanked the playground when we were leaving. But, in more practical uses, you have both thanked strangers who have given you your cups after you throw them across a restaurant. You both use please to ask for Barney, usually after I say no, of course, and you thank me when I hand you your milk. Yes, we are getting there with manners, but still have some ways to go.
Ryder, you continue to get into everything. You can successfully unscrew caps, which has led to spilled water bottles, iced teas, milk, and extra Large bottles of soy sauce. You touch whatever you can get your hands on, and you can get your hands on anything within climbing distance, so really nothing is safe.
This month you both were culprits in the art demonstration that was on our walls. Who knew pen would be so visible on brick red walls.
We celebrated Passover this month and as usual it was a fun, hectic night. Daddy and I hosted and it was fun to have the family over. You enjoyed playing with your cousins, and I enjoyed watching you.
You both learned to blow your own bubbles and with that, of course, you drank some of the sudsy liquid. It has not deterred you from putting the wand to close to your mouth. You have also not figured out how to hold the bottle upright and more often than not we have a spilled bottle of bubbles. But, you learned to blow your own, so that is something. You also learned to blow on wishies. A day in the park led to many wishes made, white feathers floating in the air, and of course feathery mustaches.
Surprisingly Ryder, you have not picked up your guitar in quite some time. At the sight of someone else's guitar you still get excited but yours is no longer your favorite toy. Maybe you figured out that a string is missing and it is really out of tune.
In addition to Barney you now also love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and our TV watching time is divided amongst both.
Our nighttime routine still involves sandwich kisses, but you're both so sweet as you kiss us goodnight from your cribs. Chase, you will stand up and grin and reach over for a kiss. Ryder, you will lift your head from your laying position and pucker up against the mesh netting. It is so sweet. You will smile and we put our hands up to the mesh. Speaking of the mesh tent, we no longer close your tent when we put you to sleep. Which has been great, because now when we check on you at night we can touch your back and stroke your hair.
You both seem to remember everything we say. You will use a name of someone we were with or refer to something mentioned in passing and often I have to jog my own memory to figure out the reference. You are smart boys, nice boys, wonderfully silly, and hilariously funny. You are often good, and occasionally trouble, but always keep us on our toes. You love spending your time with your grandparents and aunts and uncles, you love your cousins and your friends. Chase your are keenly aware of your surroundings, and able to verbalize everything. Ryder, you are technical, and curious, oh so curious about everything. You both light up our lives and not a moment goes by that we are not increasingly proud of all that you do and all that you are. I love you beyond measure.....


Oil and Water

Today's adventure, as very few days are anything but, began with a spilling, which is common, and ended with a bath. Mr. Nimble fingers, aka Ryder, spilled an entire bottle of walnut oil from our pantry. I bought this oil for a recipe from our Passover Seder and used just 1/4 cup. The rest ended up a puddle on my floor. Here's the thing about oil you may not's slippery! So this spill was followed up by a slip and slide adventure right in my very own kitchen. Angry, but mostly at myself for not rearranging the pantry or at least child locking it (not that I am sure either of these things would stop nimble fingers) I could not help but laugh. I had yet to realize how difficult it would be to clean up my floor and my boys. My instinct was to throw them in the tub, not literally of course, which was fine until my high school chemistry lesson came back to mind that oil and water actually repel each other. They did eventually clean up if you dismiss the" walnutty" smell and the extra moist skin. The floor was far more difficult. The recommended "put flour on it" seemed like a great absorption but I did not know how I would clean up the flour. So, I went with the newspaper clean up allowing the paper to absorb the liquid. It took many layers until the puddle was up and still more to get up the oily residue which never fully came clean. Just another day with twin toddlers. Good thing neither of the boys have a nut allergy.

Friday, May 2, 2008


It's a fact, dandelions are weeds! Proud homeowners loathe the sight of dandelions in their lawn. Homeowners' children have a different opinion. The flowering dandelions, bright yellow in color, are the first flowers your child will pick for you, and the tender moment is etched into our memories. The matured dandelions, also known as wishies, can provide moments of fun for the kids, watching the white feathers whisk away with their blow.

A day at the park, dandelions around us, Chase and Ryder had their first moments with a dandelion wishie. I gave them each one and showed them how to blow. At times it was too close to their mouth leaving them with a feathered mustache, but once they blew it was with great delight. "Bubbles" they called them as they danced in the wind, and they picked another one from the ground.

They Hatched!

The beautiful blue eggs have hatched. The chicks, hairless sacs with beaks, are not quite as beautiful as their eggs were. Without even a hint of the blue shell remaining the beauty does remain, however, in this tender beginning. When I first went to take the picture, the Momma Robin was caring for her birds. Amazingly, she was not smothering her babes as she laid upon them. I had to scare her away in order to get the shots below. Seemingly helpless, I am sure it won't be long before they grow their feathers and spread their wings.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blue, Yellow

It is an interesting thing attempting to teach toddlers colors. I have become, suddenly, keenly aware of the colors of everything and use the color as a descriptive. "Here is your blue cup, your red shirt, your green hat," etc. I now fully understand why all the Sesame Street and Barney characters are very specific colors. "This cup is yellow like Big Bird."
Interestingly, if you ask the boys what color anything is you always get the same answers. Chase always say blue, Ryder always says yellow.
Just recently, however, Chase has been saying orange when, amazingly, things are orange. It remains to be inconsistent.
I like to test them. I will ask what color something is, say an apple, get their standard answers (blue or yellow) then follow up with the correct answer. Then, ask further, what else is red? Elmo, a fire engine. Someday, they will be able to answer all of these questions correctly, but first, they must learn their colors.