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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wait, you are not me!!

I read during my twin research, 99.9% of which was done during my pregnancy, that twins do not realize they are two separate people for most of the first year. Although I delighted in the moments of them holding hands or cuddling next to each other when they slept, I understood that it was not to be closer to their brother, but simply to themselves. During this research I also learned that around 8 months they would discover there were actually two of them.
Chase and Ryder will be 8 months next week. As it turns out, over the past few weeks we have started noticing glimpses of this discovery and have been not-so-patiently awaiting the moment of truth. There have been some exchanged smiles, but they always seemed to be at random, and lately, Ryder will place his hand on his brother's shoulder in a true brotherly love kind of way. The other night they discovered each other in their cribs (as mentioned in the peek-a-boo slats blog) and the laughter amongst each other was truly a moment I will never forget. Ryder seems to be the aggressor. He is the one who takes Chase's toys or pulls his hair, but he is also the one that initiates the laughter or reaches for a hand, or places his hand on his brother shoulder. I am not sure yet if he is doing any of this with any kind of awareness, but I know some day he will, and I have a feeling I will delight in these tiny gestures for the rest of my life.

Is it possible that finally my boys are realizing that they are in fact two separate beings? Will they find a comfort in each other that can't be found in anyone else? Will they look for each other when out of sight, and smile with delight when found? Will they talk in a secret language and finish each other's sentences? Will just a look speak volumes to the other? Perhaps, and I will revel in every minute of finding out!!

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The Pierce Posse said...

That's really interesting about the twin stuff. I never knew that.