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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tooth Fairy!

When kids lose a tooth the tooth fairy comes, and in exchange for the lost tooth the kid gets a prize, usually gelt of some kind. From what I understand, the gelt amount has increased tremendously since I was a kid. Anyway, it seems that there should be a visit from the tooth fairy when a child gets his first teeth. They have to endure some pain, discomfort at least, and then when it breaks through the parents, if not the kid, are awfully excited.
I found this to be case, the excitement of the parent, when Ryder's first tooth came in 10 weeks and 3 days ago, his second one a week later and when Chase's first two teeth simultaneously broke the skin yesterday. A cause for celebration, perhaps, but how do you celebrate with an 8 month old or two? So, in lieu of candy they can not have or toys they do not need I dropped a few coins into each of their piggy banks and wrote this blog.
Why is it we get so excited? Is it that it looks cute when these tiny teeth stick out from once naked gums? Is it simply the milestone of getting teeth? Is it just exciting to see growth and development as we are supposed to? Its all of these things and more, but it is certainly worth documenting.
So, the cute teeth are there, and there are lots more to come over the next few years. Its shocking, every time, when they bite on your fingers and you are quickly reminded they have teeth!! Those tiny little teeth are sharp as blades, and cute as they may be, they hurt!
We'll need to start brushing their teeth now, and we will teach them how to take care of their teeth, and we will hope that neither of them got the teeth of the Citrenbaum's- cavities and root canals are all too common.

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