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Friday, March 2, 2007

If they could speak...

If Chase and Ryder could speak, would they ask:

1. Why is it Mommy, that when you speak to others you use a normal voice, but when you speak to us your pitch gets a whole lot higher?
2. Why do you ask us the same questions everyday? Sure I like the giraffe, yes, it is a blue square, no, I do not want to hold my bottle myself.
3. Do you realize you are tone deaf?
4. Do you dance like that in public too?
and I would like to believe they would also ask....
5. Do you know how much we love you?

1 comment:

Dave Sloan said...

I can at least help you with 1... Apparently parents of all mammal species do this, and it's a visceral language development/non-verbal communication tool to the point that even with the words removed even grown-ups can now what you're communicating just from the tones. And you though you were just being shrill...