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Thursday, March 8, 2007

A letter to my sons on their 8 month birthday!

Dear Chase and Ryder,

Yesterday you turned 8 months old!! 8 months, it seems old in a strange sort of way. You are getting to be such big boys. Three quarters of the year has passed us by and it all happened just so quickly. Today you were weighed in order to get your Synagis shot. Ryder for the first time since your birth you outweigh Chase, by three ounces--17 pounds 4 oz to 17 pounds 1 oz. This is a gain from your 6 month appointment of 2 pounds 1 ounce for Chase and 2 pounds 10 oz. for Ryder.

The most amazing thing happened in the last few weeks, you began to notice each other. This is a moment that melts the heart of a mommy. You tend to enjoy each other the most when you are in your cribs and you can see one another through the slats. Giggles usually follow and I often stand outside your closed door at bedtime, listening, smiling.

You both continue to teethe, you drool constantly and will chew on anything you get near your mouth. One particular favorite is my hair, though I am sure that does not help soothe the teething. Every morning I check for teeth, but the count remains at 2 teeth for Ryder and none for Chase. Soon enough, soon enough.

Ryder, your crawling has improved. You do attempt at crawling on all four's. You can usually take a step or so, then you fall onto your belly. I can not, however, turn my back on you for very long, because you do manage to get from point A to point B with a rather speedy Army Crawl. Chase, your interest in crawling has not yet been piqued and I often wonder if it is because you are too lazy, too laid back, too uninterested, or too smart. After all, once your brother learns, can't you send him on your errands?

Ryder you have learned to climb up onto your knees. Daddy or I will come get you in the morning and you are peeking out over the top of your crib. It is very cute, but we are aware that all too soon you will be climbing right out of that crib. You can not pull yourself to standing yet, but like most things it will just happen one day, seemingly out of nowhere. You love to climb on me, and though you still need my help to get up fully you continue to try and try demonstrating that determination once again.
Chase, you do not really climb, you usually just sit and grin then ask with a look and the outreach of your arms to be lifted. I almost always abide. You are such an even keeled baby and it takes a lot to really make you cry. Ryder's pulling your hair or stealing your toys is something you often let roll right off of your chest. You smile often, and your dimples are revealed, and daddy and I say that you are the happiest baby we know. Ryder, you are a bit more animated, but also more extreme. You can be hysterically crying and then just start laughing. Your cry is as persistent as your determination.

Chase you are losing interest in your bottle and seem to be much more interested in table food. We have begun trying new foods, some noodles, avocados, chicken, turkey, meatballs, and you are very good at eating the the little puffs. You took to chewing immediately and I imagine it will not be much longer before you are eating only table foods. The sippy cup, however, you are still trying to learn. I give it to you with every meal, but I am not sure you have figured out that it provides you with a drink. We will continue to try, one day, like everything else, you will figure it out.
Ryder, your eating has improved a lot in the last week or so. You are really starting to get the knack for chewing as well and you seem to be starting to enjoy the different textures more and more everyday. Your sippy cup does make it to your mouth once or twice before ending up on the ground. You do tend to hold your own bottle, but only when you are laying down, and never with any consistency. You both love to steal the spoon from me, and will play with it, or even suck on it.

Ryder you have learned to clap, and though it is usually at random, in the last few days you are doing it when we say clap, or even hooray. You smile when you clap and we always smile in return. Peek-a-boo continues to be a favorite of both of yours, along with "The itsy bitsy spider" and the song "Open them, shut them." You both love books and will reach for the pages as I read to you. You enjoy feeling the pages in the touchy feely book That's Not My Train and you both seem to love "The Teacher" page in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? That teacher, she always makes you guys giggle.

You both love your bath, are both good sleepers, and both laugh when I tickle your faces with the ribboned roll-a-round ball. Ryder when you laugh you shut your eyes half way, and Chase you can often laugh silently, just with that smile of yours and those dimples, but when you are in the mood to give your giggle it is adorable. You love it when I bbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuzzzzz like a bumblebee. I am not sure why that sound makes you smile with such delight, but I will do it for you anytime. Daddy still makes you laugh the hardest and his arrival home after a work day seems to be your favorite part of the day. You are two special littly guys. I realize that the reason male babies are called son's to their parents is because you light up our world. I am amazed every day by everything about you both and am thankful that we have been blessed with such good, happy, handsome boys.

Happy 8th Month Birthday my little baby love's.

I love you so,


The Pierce Posse said...

Isn't it amazing how fast they grow. I can't believe Chase is eating so many different kinds of food. Sawyer is still eating mush. He has had the same issues with the sippy cup. Hell, I can't even get liquid out of it. Have you tried? Its hard! Ryder and Sawyer seem like they are a lot alike right now. Even their two little teeth! I am so excited to get them all together and to let them tumble around.

Aunt Rhona said...

Wendy--Keep enjoying. It is fun reading your thoughts, observations, and reactions. You seem to be having a ball. The boys look & through you sound great. I just spent a week as a Grandmom/Au Pair with the foursome--they were wonderful, but it is a tiring job--enjoy your youth & energy!