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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Chase, Ryder and I joined a playgroup. Some of the mom's we have music and gym with invited us in to their all ready established group. We were grateful for the invitation. It is an interesting concept: Babies too young to know what's going on playing amongst each other and Mother's, most in desperate need of adult conversation, attempting at conversing while keeping both eyes on their kids at all times. It is good for everyone!
The first time we went we were quickly introduced to those we did not know. All the mom's are so nice and the kids, of course, adorable. I was intrigued that Chase and Ryder were amongst the oldest. Mostly because I am so used to them being the babies of the group, whether it was with Amy or Jenn or Rachel. Of course, this is all about to rapidly change, but that is for another blog.
It is a wonder to me when kids start to recognize faces, names, voices. Do Chase and Ryder know their new friends? They see them every week, some several times a week. Do the kids of the other mom's know them, know me for that matter? It will be fun to watch, over time, as they do begin to recognize each other, as they start to get excited to see each other and as they continue to mold their own friendships from the seeds that we planted for them.
For now, they will play amongst each other, steal each other's toys, and occasionally and accidentally knock each other over. And, as time passes, we will do our best to teach them the social skills necessary to hang out in a crowd, the manners necessary to be invited back, and the loyalty required to be a great friend.

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