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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Control Freaks!!

Who needs toys? Playskool, Infantino, I know they spend too much time and money developing new toys that will help babies develop their skills. Most of these toys are great, I am not scared to admit I usually get a kick out of most them (Read: too much time with babies.) But, who needs them, really? All my boys want to play with is the remote controls, the telephones, the cell phones, the camera. Once they focus on these pieces of technology no singing dog can distract them. Once, they accidentally called my parents. Mom-mom and pop-pop were thrilled to hear their grandsons babbling on the other end, we were thankful it was a local call. When we hang out in the den they are really in their glory, 4 remotes to choose from. All different sizes, all filled with lots of buttons. They have the time of their lives. They love to mute the television right in the middle of an important news break (also known as the climactic moment in my nighttime drama) or fast forward through the show I previously recorded. Sometimes, they just hit menu on the TV remote and all sorts of options appear on the screen. One day, Todd and I got smart, or so we thought. We took the batteries out of the dvd remote and gave it to them to play with. Everyone would be happy. Only, Chase and Ryder are no dummies, they knew. That particular remote is no longer a thrill for them. How do they even know there are no batteries in it? The mobiles on their cribs do not have batteries and they still seem to laugh out loud at the dangling animals. Why are they only happy if their button pushing is disturbing my television viewing? I have considered buying them the telephone baby toy, but my boys are too smart, they will just want the real thing.

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