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Friday, March 2, 2007


Tonight, I returned to my childhood. Growing up (literally 1/4 mile from where I live), I was often fed noodles and egg. This was the meal on nights when we were in a hurry, or if my mom was going out, or if, frankly, she had no time to cook. I loved this meal, and therefore would also have it upon request. Many years later, when I told a former co-worker of mine that this was something I often ate, she simply asked "Were you poor?" This was not something I had ever thought about, not as a child growing up nor later as the foodie adult I became. However, I did find the question interesting and decided to ask my mom about it. Her answer, after a chuckle, was as simple as the question. No, we were not poor. My grandmother created the meal as a way to get some protein into her kids' diets when they really preferred to eat pasta (as many kids do.) Her kids loved it (My mother and Uncle) and, as a result, they both made it for their children. My siblings, my cousins, and myself all enjoyed noodles and egg. Tonight I made this meal for myself. I had not eaten it in 12 years or so, but every bite made me feel like a child again. I guess it won't be long before I am serving Chase and Ryder this meal. I will serve it simply, the good old fashioned way, and let them enjoy the basic meal. And, perhaps, the foodie in me will give it a gourmet edge. Either way, I hope Chase and Ryder can tell stories of this basic meal when they are adults and trace it all the way back to their great-grandmother, who they will never know, but always know of.

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The Pierce Posse said...

Mmm. For me that 'on the go' dinner was an omlette with that soft creamy dill cheese in it (what's that called?) My mom wasn't much of a cook but this was something she loved to make.