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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sweet Dreams!!

Todd and I just got home from a night out. We left the kids, for the first time, with a hired babysitter. She is a nice girl, and had spent one afternoon with them previously. The feedback was they were good, went to bed with only a few minutes of crying, and all in all it was good night. After dismissing our sitter, Todd and I ran up the steps, as we usually do, to kiss goodnight the boys we did not get to put to bed. There are not very many better moments than the one when we first enter and see our sleeping boys- cuddled into their favorite corners, snuggling their blankets, peacefully asleep. They never look more beautiful, and I want to bottle the tender moment for them, for another time, when life is much more complicated.
Tonight, Chase is on his belly, Ryder on his back, both relaxed and sweet. We stare for a moment, rub their heads, kiss them, tell them goodnight, that we love them and we will see them in the morning. Then we pause again, and look one last time before leaving. I hope they are dreaming sweet dreams, perhaps of the new things tomorrow will bring.

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