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Monday, February 26, 2007

Peek a Boo Slats

Chase and Ryder love Peek-a-boo. I suppose they are no different than any other kid. I play this game with them all of the time and there is no more enjoyment in this world then hearing their laughter when I come out from hiding and shout "Boo". They crack up with out tire as I repeat too many times to count. I have noticed they love this game with other people, almost as much.
Tonight, however, something new happened. The boys learned for the first time that they can see each other through the crib slats when they push down the bumpers. They noticed, the laughter followed, and I stood there and watched in delight. When they repeated these actions I called for Todd, for he needed to witness this moment for himself.
What is most interesting about this however, is that they barely notice each other throughout the day. People ask all the time if they are aware of the other one, and though they are making strides in this area they never get such delight from each other. Until tonight.
They tend to reach for one another, and I often catch them holding hands, but the shared smile is rare, and when the tender moment happens I always stop to watch.
So, you can imagine my surprise and joy to see them finding the humor in the peek-a-boo game, only this time with each other.
It's funny, when I picked out the cribs this time last year I insisted on cribs that had open slats all the way around. I wanted to know that no matter how we set the room up, they could always see each other through their cribs. I had no idea, at the time, that this simple demand on the kind of crib to purchase would bring such wonderful rewards. But there is no sweeter sound than your children's laughter, and it is doubly as sweet when they are laughing with each other.


The Pierce Posse said...

Wow - that's amazing. I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to hear that laughter. Sawyer thinks its absolutely hilareous when I go "BOO" from a hidden location - somehow different than peekaboo. He startles and then cracks up. He is only just starting to acknowledge the other kids at the sitter's house. usually he just whacks at them when they get in his way.

George said...

Wendy this blog is so great. I feel like I am involved in their life even though I only getg to see them every so often. I can't wait to see them play peek a boo. Love to the whole family.