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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Need for Expletives!!

I don't have the cleanest mouth. I am not proud of this but I tend to drop an unnecessary Fbomb too often. Shit and damn come out of my mouth a good amount as well, but I hardly consider them curses anymore which gives you an idea of where on the PG scale my language tends to fall.
I do, however, curb my language much more these days so that my children don't learn the letter F by the Fword.
But, sometimes an expletive is imperative for the full meaning of a situation to be described. If your child dumps a bottle of walnut oil on the floor shouting "oh sugar" just does not fully get out the frustration of such an impossible cleanup. Or, if your child decides that slinging loaded diapers across the room is amusing, no way is it even close to appropriate to say he is slinging doody. Nope, you have to call it what it is, slinging shit. And, if your team wins the world series after 28 years of losing, just saying we are World Champions is not enough. Well, at the risk of sounding obnoxious (though I know every parent has the same sentiment of their kids even if they don't use the same words to say it), there are moments when I look at my kids and it is absolutely necessary for me to say, expletives and all, "Damn, they are so fucking cute!" Because, I truly think they are.

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