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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shoobee or Not Shoobee!

By definition, according to Urban Dictionary, a shoobee is;

1. "Usually derogatory. A tourist at the (New Jersey) shore. He can often be identified by his pasty palor and inapprpriate clothing, e.g. black knee-socks with bobos (inexpensive footware), plaid shorts, and a shirt emblazoned with "I'm With Stupid." Etymology: said to derive from the "shoebox" in which shoobees once packed their lunches. Alternative etymology: from the refrain of popular Philadelphia music of 1950's and 1960's (example: "shoobee doo-wop"). Often "shortened to shoob.

2. "a derogatory term for tourist because tourists sometimes wear shoes at the beach"

More simply it is what Jersey Shore locals label anyone who is a non-local.
We consider ourselves locals, though I am not sure the actual locals share that sentiment.
We decided to test Turner's shoobee ranking (or lack there of) by taking him on his first trip to Margate this past weekend.
At two months old we wanted to see how he would handle the drive, the house, the smells, the beach town calm. As it turns out, he too is a local.
He was happy as can be. He smiled, he cooed, he hardly cried...yep, it must be the salty air.

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