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Friday, May 16, 2008

Oil and Water

Today's adventure, as very few days are anything but, began with a spilling, which is common, and ended with a bath. Mr. Nimble fingers, aka Ryder, spilled an entire bottle of walnut oil from our pantry. I bought this oil for a recipe from our Passover Seder and used just 1/4 cup. The rest ended up a puddle on my floor. Here's the thing about oil you may not's slippery! So this spill was followed up by a slip and slide adventure right in my very own kitchen. Angry, but mostly at myself for not rearranging the pantry or at least child locking it (not that I am sure either of these things would stop nimble fingers) I could not help but laugh. I had yet to realize how difficult it would be to clean up my floor and my boys. My instinct was to throw them in the tub, not literally of course, which was fine until my high school chemistry lesson came back to mind that oil and water actually repel each other. They did eventually clean up if you dismiss the" walnutty" smell and the extra moist skin. The floor was far more difficult. The recommended "put flour on it" seemed like a great absorption but I did not know how I would clean up the flour. So, I went with the newspaper clean up allowing the paper to absorb the liquid. It took many layers until the puddle was up and still more to get up the oily residue which never fully came clean. Just another day with twin toddlers. Good thing neither of the boys have a nut allergy.

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