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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Champions of the World!!

The Phillies are Champions of the World. That's right, in Chase Utley's words, "World Fucking Champions!" 28 years since our first and only other World Series Championship, the Phillies rallied up the city with an unprecedented pride. I am not sure where my vested interest came from, nor my unhinging confidence, but I believed in this championship long before the playoffs began.
It was a historical series, mostly because game 5, the resulting clincher, began at 8:37pm on Monday night in horrid conditions of a cold rain. Although it should have happened much earlier, the umps called the game into suspension due to puddles at each of the bases and hydroplaning occurences while running in the middle of the 6th inning with the game tied 2-2. It took 48 hours from the start of the game to resume, after a delay of an unlikely October snow storm that had a catastrophic effect on our front lawn. At 8:37pm on Wednesday night the game resumed at the bottom of the 6th inning, Phillies at bat on a beautiful Fall night.
The Phillies went into the world series as the underdogs, at least in Vegas. From watching the series I have no idea why. Tampa Bay had the best regular season record in baseball and a supposed offense that had everyone murmuring. The Phillies, however, made the series look easy in spite of leaving a ridiculous number of runners in scoring position, and failing to capitalize more times than not. Yet, they were dominant. They were dominant because they are a good team. The 6-4-3 double play was made to look easy because of Rollins and Utley. The arms on their outfielders made home plate seem close and the legs on Victorino made the outfield seem smaller.
The pitching staff was incredible, which is funny to avid fans who have complained about pitching for too many years. Cole Hamels was the MVP, deservingly. Jamie Moyer pulled through with an unbelievable performance. The bullpen was untouchable and Brad Lidge managed to have a perfect season. A perfect season.
At the plate, the stars shined differently every night. Some nights the heroes were the obvious ones, like Utley's 1st inning homer or Howard's two homer game. Other nights the hereos were the underdogs or even off the bench. All 25 players played a role in the victory, which is exactly what you need to be world fucking champions.
And, as expected, the city is high on the Phillies. If it feels this good for the fans, what, oh what, are the players feeling?

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