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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late

Over the holiday break back in December "Abby in Wonderland" aired on T.V. This is a Sesame Street version of Alice in Wonderland. Abby is Alice and Elmo is the Bunny Rabbit. Some of their other favorite furry monsters are in it as well. Anyway, I taped it on the DVR and protected it and every now and again the boys ask to watch it. Of course they call it Elmo as a Bunny Rabbit. You must know their language in order to follow their commands.
Never seeing Alice in Wonderland, and being pretty unfamiliar with the story, I am not sure how loosely based this Sesame version is. But in this muppet monster movie Elmo the Bunny Rabbit, looking at one of his many watches, will chant "I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late" as he runs past a distressed Abby. He does this several times during the 60 minute movie.
This seems to be my mantra as of late. I hear myself saying these same words, in the same tone, and annoyed as I am at myself I feel the need to check myself for bunny ears.
I am not sure this recent tardiness is Turner's fault directly, but I am sure it is no coincidence that I am in need of ten extra minutes everywhere I go since his birth.
When I was a kid and into my early adulthood I was always late...for everything.
I missed the bus to school more than I didn't and I could be counted on to arrive 10 or so minutes late to most things. Rude, I know!!
As I got older and more responsible (haha) I managed to be pretty prompt. Todd helped with that. Once we got used to having twins we were even able to manage to get places with twins on time. In fact, late people annoyed me. They still do, sort of. Only now, I am one of them. And yes, I do annoy myself. I am optimistic, however, that this too will pass. Eventually we will get down the timing. Dirty diapers may not happen as we are leaving, feedings will be more scheduled, Chase and Ryder won't fight me on the awful chore of getting dressed, and punctuality will return. Within reason, of course.

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