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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Back to the Gym - Take 2!

Back in February 2007, seven months post-partum with the twins, I went back to the gym in hopes of removing the final twenty pounds that had remained from the pregnancy. Here is what I wrote then:

"So I am back in the gym. It took me 7 months to get there, but I am there. I have not been in workout mode in over two years and pregnancy has surely taken a toll on the shape I was once in. Yea, it was worth it!
I remember I used to find the treadmill pretty damn boring, but had built up a stamina that allowed me to run for a bit of time and a good distance. Now, I still find the treadmill just as boring, only with no stamina in me at all, I watch the clock. Do you have any idea how long a second is when you are huffing and puffing? Returning to the world of the weights has actually been enjoyable. Lifting those car seats everyday has certainly built up my biceps, anyway.

My motivation to get back in there was to attempt to lose the twenty pregnacy pounds that remain. They seem to like me a whole lot more than I like them. However, as Todd just booked us a vacation sans sons to Jamaica, I seem to have a whole new motivation. I think I will need to buy new bathing suits however, I am somewhere between the skimpy bikini of days of the past and the maternity suit of the recent past.

The gym may help me get back into my old jeans. In fact, that would be nice, as I stare at them just hanging in my closet. But, if not, it is at least 60 minutes of time to myself two or more times a week, and that in itself makes it worth it. But, I really do want to fit in to my old jeans!! "

The thrill lasted a few short months, ended by a conflict in schedule, an unmotivating trainer, and a lack of true desire from within.

Now it is February 2009. I am seven weeks post-partum and a lot of the above is still true. My desire is high, as is my motivation, and so far my trainer is a good match for me. The key will be to prevent the schedule conflict and hopefully I won't be titling a posting Back to The Gym take 3 sometime down the road.

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