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Sunday, March 1, 2009

First smiles

Parents love our children the moment they are placed in our arms. The truth is we love them long before then, it begins when the pregnancy test is positive. The early days can be rough, though luckily that has not been the case for us, and yet our love deepens (which is the case for us!) despite the cries and lack of sleep. We feed them, change them, cuddle them, love them, and are reciprocated, at that moment, with very little, unsure if our newborns have any idea how much we love them. Then it happens, the first repayment comes making all of the middle of the night feedings worth it! The first smile shines and tattoos itself right on our heart leaving us hungering for more.
Turner has given us his first smiles. Each one more special than the one before as it gains a bit more character. They start off as fleeting smirks, likely gas related, then become responsive to the smiles we give them, all the while melting our hearts.

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