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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Shitty Encounter!

Three weeks ago we had the the not so fun experience of retrieving Chase from his crib at the shore only to find him naked and covered with his own feces. It was the pretty disgusting and after the clean up we assumed it would never happen again. Well, when it comes to trouble making Ryder can not be outdone by his brother and last week we found Ryder had finger painted his crib using his dirty diaper as his paint. Chase's was a manageable mess, Ryder's was a whole new level, which resulted in the trashing of his tent and his sheet. Clearly, our reaction was not strong enough to deter him as he did it again yesterday afternoon as a gift for our babysitter. Poor Leila, no one should have to clean such a mess.
About 8 months ago Chase had an explosion in his crib which had similar results. Although it was horribly disgusting it was not something we could discipline, the poor kid was sick. Interestingly enough, I had forgotten about that until I read the posting Sample This.
However forgotten that may have been, this new activity of Ryder's is less than thrilling. He loves to take off his diaper and has done so in the strangest of places, most recently at camp at My Gym. Luckily, no doody was involved that time.
I am not sure what to do to prevent this activity, nor to change it. Do I begin toilet training him, since clearly he has no interest in diapers? Suggestions welcome!!

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