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Friday, March 6, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his Two Month Birthday!!!

Dear Turner,

Happy 2 Month Birthday!! You are a dream, my baby boy. I am amazed at how much you have grown, how big you already are. Your two month well check had you weighing in at 11 pounds, 7 ounces and measuring 23 inches long, both of which land you in the 50th percentile. This is odd to me because you seem so big, but for the record your brothers, who were born at 35 weeks (you were born at 38 weeks,) and were only 4 pounds at birth, weighed in at 10 pounds 2 ounces (Chase) and 9 pounds 11 ounces (Ryder) at 2 months. I guess you are not as big as you seem. Your head circumference is 15 inches, which is only the 10th percentile.
You are a good eater, taking 5 ounces already and getting ready for 6. This seems like a lot for a 2 month old baby, but you are a growing boy. You want your bottle when you want it and often get impatient despite the fact that often times I make you wait. Sorry about that:)
You have done mommy and daddy a very large favor and already sleep through the night. This amazes us. Although you are not yet on a set schedule you tend to sleep from 11pm to somewhere between 6 and 8 am. For that I thank you!! Although you still sleep a lot during the day you are starting to have more awake time during which you are very alert.
This month you completely lost your hair and were bald as can be. You have a perfectly round head, so bald looked good on you. Just as quickly as you lost it, was how quickly it started growing back and you now have a light coating of fine brown hair on your head. The only hair you did not lose was a patch on the back, by your neck. It was pretty funny to look at so we are glad you are now growing other hair around it.
Your birthmarks are starting to fade. You have two, one the size of a silver dollar on the back of your head, and a small one on your left eye lid. I imagine both will fade completely over time.
You've had your first smile, and though it has not yet been in response to me, it does melt my heart to see. Each day you smile a little bit more, though randomly, and I am eagerly awaiting the first smile you return to the smiles we give you.
You are a relaxed baby and as you begin your coos they sound as pleasant as you seem. As I stare into your eyes, which continue to be a beautiful, stormy color changing from tints of deep blue to tints of deep green, I notice how peaceful and content you are and I am thrilled that the windows to your soul reveal such happiness.
You are long and the one piece outfits that we dress you in are unsnapping at the crotch. Maybe soon it will be time for real clothes?
We took our first road trip with you this month. We went to Maryland for Michael and Bryan Citrenbaum's B'nai Mitzvah. You were perfect on the trip. The car ride, the hotel overnight stay, the meals were all made simple by you. You sat through the service without making a single noise and slept peacefully through most of the party. Back at Judi and Danny's you were your wonderful self and all of the Maryland Citrenbaum's (and Rich and Cole) had the thrill of meeting you!
You are a delight. You can go an entire day without a peep. Your cranky time is at night when you are starting to get real tired. The only time I hear you cry is when you have gas, a dirty diaper or are ready to eat.
You are admired by many and loved by more. I am often stopped by strangers who comment on your beauty. I love to hear this because you are my beautiful boy!! Your grandparents dote over you and your brothers love you so much and are amazingly interested in you. Chase often wants to feed you and Ryder points out the facts (ie: you are sleeping or crying or eating, you do not yet talk, etc.) He is quiet about his interest in you, walking up to you, patting your head, kissing you then going back to his business. They ask for you when you are not in the room with them and we know it won't be long before you are playing right along side of them.
You are my joy. Everyday, when I get a moment to snuggle with you, I breathe you in and cherish the moment. I cherish it because it is special, because I love you, and because I know that before my eyes you will grow too quickly and quiet moments such as these will be hard to come by.

Don't ever forget how proud you make daddy and I and how much we love you so!!!!


Turner 2 months old

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