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Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

The fact that my third born had a make-shift costume while his brothers had real costumes is not an indication of child favoritism at all. It is, however, evidence that his mother has lost her mind.
Chase and Ryder insisted on being Spider-Man. Red Spidey, not the more aggressive black suited version of himself (even though we have that costume too!). They started insisting around Labor Day. But, partially because I procrastinate, and mostly because I was sure the Spidey phase would be replaced by another obsession, I waited several weeks to go ahead and grant their wishes. When I did, I was torn as to whether Turner should dress as a spider, the genetically-morphed, super spider that turned Peter Parker into a favorite hero, or a baby version of the hero himself. So, I waited. Again.
Then I decided three Spidermen would make a cute picture.  I am not sure why I thought I would actually get a picture of all three, because I did not, but, wishful thinking always prevails.
Anyway, about ten days prior, though I have no way of actually knowing when, I sat down at my computer to order Turner's costume.  This is how it happened.  I think.
I searched  I found an infant Spiderman costume, sized 12-18 months, for a shocking $9.99.  I ordered it.  In fact, I expedited the shipping. I filled in my new ATM card information. And, I pushed submit.  Or, did I?  All I know is that as of 10am Halloween morning Turner did not have a costume.  Nothing.

And so, I set out to find my baby boy something to wear.  Three stores and two and a half hours later, Turner Luke became the alter ego of Clark Kent.  And, just like that, Superman he was.
A special thank you to Old Navy for carrying "Costume Tee's."  A t-shirt fully adorning the icon, the belt, and the absolutely necessary six pack (in other words, a shirt I would never otherwise buy.)

That t-shirt, a pair of blue sweatpants, a red cape cut from another t-shirt (thanks, Mom for the great idea!) and a pair of blue dollar store socks and Turner became the man of steel.  Plus, his dimpled smile to seal the look.  He looked adorable.   He loved it, though he did spend the majority of the night chasing his cape around in circles making me wonder if perhaps a dog costume would have been more appropriate.

Chase and, particularly Ryder, who wore his full costume, including mask and gloves, around the house everyday for weeks, were thrilled to wear their Spiderman suits, though they never once put their masks on during the night.

We spent Halloween at Rachel's celebrating Ellie's 4th birthday.  Max, Nate, Madden, Delaney, and the Shiloh boys, not to mention more grandparents than children, joined the party and between pizza, cake, and enough toys to rival FAO Schwartz it is a wonder how we ever got the kids trick or treating.  In the rain!!

But, we did. And, it was fun.   Wet, but fun! Chase and Ryder managed to trip and fall at every step and curb along the way and despite losing their candy each time they still came home with bucket fulls.  (This may have something to do with the "take as much as you can in 30 second" philosophy they both seemed to employ, something we MUST work on for next year!)

Ryder ended the night as Snow White, his current favorite Princess

Last Halloween we spent the day at the Phillies Victory Parade.  This year the World Series was still being played.  Last year the weather was beautiful and the night was fun.  This year, it rained!!  But, somehow, it was more fun than ever!!

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