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Friday, November 20, 2009


The following was written while we were on vacation at The Tides.

I am not sure I ever was a morning person. Even as a kid I remember staying up late and not wanting to, not being able to, get up in the morning. In college, and even after, any opportunity I had I skipped the morning altogether and began my day in the PM.
Now, I think I prefer the mornings. I am not sure I realized this until right now. Of course, I get up early every morning. But, usually, my kids are my wake up call.
Here I am on vacation with opportunity to sleep late. But I don't. We go to bed early, which is nice and when the pain in my back wakes me despite the time on the clock, I want to rise, and check out the stillness of the early morning.
I am sitting at the beach. The wind is strong and rustling my hair, my shirt, my pants. The palm leaf shadows are swaying in the sand. The only sounds I hear are wind and waves. If that doesn't clear my mind, nothing will.
Early mornings at the beach, something, despite my summers in Margate, I do not get to enjoy very often.
While sitting here, toes in sand, the answer to my daily chaos seems so obvious. If I would jut wake up before my kids. Have my time. Drink some coffee. Do some writing.  Maybe even, dare I say, exercise, the rest of my day would be so much better. I don't even think I would need to do it everyday, just some days, and a week could be improved.
Oh, yes it seems so obvious! But, I know as I smirk, that it will be a cold Wednesday morning not too long from now. The sun will still be hidden, the air will seem frigid. And, five more minutes is all I will need. Another five. Several times. And, the whole old pattern begins again.

For now, for today, I enjoy this quiet morning!

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