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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Passing of the Torch

As Mindy so eloquently stated in her speech, the proverbial Berman Family Torch has been passed to the newest generation. Andrew, the oldest of the newest, and the son and grandson of the oldest from both generations before him, became a Bar Mitzvah yesterday. He did so on the same date, eleven years later, of the youngest from our generation. He did so on a beautiful evening, at a kickin' party, at the awesome venue of Citizens Bank Park.

We always have fun when we get the family together. Spread throughout the Country now, most of us with families of our own, getting us all together in one room is wonderful, and fun, and reason to have big parties. I always enjoy myself. And, I always have fun when I watch my sons thrive in a moment.  And, thrive they did.


Until 12:30 AM they partied. Chase, trying to follow the moves of the dancers and Ryder, adorning himself in every costumed item he could find.    What we fun we all had.
The boys were excited right from the start. They were so excited to wear ties, "handsome clothes," like Pop-Pop wears and thrilled to be going to the baseball field for the celebration.   Admittedly, that part made me pretty excited too!
I vividly remember when Andrew was born. We were all excited about his pending birth, the first of the new generation. In a close knit family like ours, where third cousins are like first cousins, growing the tree is something very special.  I was a senior at Penn State and was in my tiny hole of an apartment listening to our messages with my roommates, Jenn and Patty when the message came in. It was Rob who never leaves messages (not then, not now) said simply: "I'm an Uncle. Andrew Joshua.  Call me!"
I went home to meet the infant, partake in his Bris, and welcome him to our eclectic family. I remember all of this so well, including missing the chair I went to sit in while holding him and landing hard on my tail bone (I held Andrew tightly and securely, he did not even whimper), that it is hard to believe he is actually a Bar Mitzvah, a teenager, on his way to manhood.
I remember my Bat Mitzvah, my siblings', my cousins'. I think about my sons' Bar Mitzvah's, a decade and more from now. I know it will be here very quickly.  It makes me shiver. Was my own really nearly 22 years ago?
Andrew did well, he looked handsome, and mostly, happy. His party was a Bar Mitzvah boy's dream come true at the ballpark, loaded with sports memoribilia, surrounded by loving family and friends.

He holds the torch now, for the next few years, and he will pass it on to his sister down the road. I look forward to these future celebrations and will continue to marvel, as I am sure our parents and grandparents do and had, at these growing children becoming the adults we help to mold.

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