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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Action Verbs!

Soon afterTurner was born I recieved a kind, congratulatory email from an acquaintance.  The email was flattering (he's as beautiful as his brother's) and clever (Three Sons!  Three Action Verbs! What happened to Proper Nouns?)   I read it and was astonished.  Holy Crap, my three kids have action verbs for names.  Until that moment I had not realized it.  Neither had Todd.  We are two grammatically sound adults and yet it never crossed our minds.  We simply both liked the name, which in itself is mircaulous considering our lengthy list of vetoed names.

At one point, long before the idea of Turner was actually a reality, I would play a little game of searching for the name of my third child in case I was ever fortunate enough to have my husband agree to conceiving one. I came up with all sorts of names that Todd laughed at wondering if I was at all serious (Jett, Barron, Brody.) One name I really liked was Walker. Todd laughed quickly as he said "absolutely not," a response I often got but was not sure, at the time, if it was to the name or the idea of a third kid. His dislike for the name did not stop me from thinking about how a Walker would fit into our family when I realized-how do you have kids named Chase, Ryder, and Walker?  That just seemed ridiculous.  So I moved on.

Once I actually got pregnant and went through all ten zillion male and female names I could think of just to have Todd reject them, you can imagine my surprise when Todd said he liked the name Turner.  Turner, a variation from Tanner.  Turner, shortened from Turnersville.  Turner, a solid T name.  Turner he liked.  I was so happy to have a name to put on the maybe list that I never thought about the fact that it was a verb.  It never dawned on me that Turner was really no different than Walker other than the very important fact that both Todd and I liked the name.

So, as it is.  We have three sons.  We have three sons with action verbs for names.  And, well, it turns out that what you name your children really does mean something since I think I may have the most active children in the blogosphere.  Ryder climbed the walls before he could walk, Chase has figured out how to talk while jumping, dancing, climbing, running, walking, etc.  And, Turner, 9 months old and trying to keep up, does not sit still.  Ever.  Change his diaper, he's rolling.  Sit him down, he's off...crawling, pulling-up, standing, climbing.  Yep, name your kids action verbs and you get action.  In my next life I think I will try Rainbow, Willow or River, and perhaps I may sit for a moment or two a day.

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