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Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Letter to my Son on his 10th Month Birthday!!

Dear Turner,

Happy Ten Months!  It is hard to believe, but your first year is rapidly ending.  Time passes, and I know I am supposed to notice every little thing you do. I am supposed to write down your new abilities, your accomplished milestones, and each and every first. I am probably supposed to know what the book says you should be doing from day to day, week to week, month to month.  And the truth, my dear son, is that I don't.  I am not sure what the book says (I was never much of a book follower,) and I can't promise that I notice, nor remember, your firsts, each and every time.  I wish I did, but I turn around and my infant son's first birthday is looming and I realize that I have not.  But, that does not mean that I have not noticed you, wonderful you.  I have and I am in total amazement of everything you are.

I may not get to jot it down as it happens, but in every glance I take of you, every time I stop and look at you, smile at you, hug you I see everything that my pen does not take the time to write.

You are unbelievably wonderful.  You have a bright smile and an adorable laugh.  You are no longer just the baby, but the little brother trying to be a part of the action.  You are an active bugger who makes a diaper change a true challenge by the acrobatics you perform.  You love to stand and will pull yourself up on anything and everything.  Lately, you have been trying to stand up, unsupported.  From a seated position, you will try and try to get up on your little feet.  So far you have been unsuccessful but you remain determined and I know one day soon you will just be standing  in the middle of the room and I will have to wonder if that is the first time you have done that?

You are eating, and enjoying, much more table food, though you still do not feed yourself.  You have not improved at all with the sippy cup and I do a terrible job of  making you practice.  You get excited the minute you see a bottle and love to crawl right into my lap for a bottle feeding.

You are wonderfully pleasant, mild mannered and as flexible as they come.  You seem to be happy all of the time and we have yet to find much you do not like.  You have become more active and interactive and want to be in the middle of the good time.  You want to play with the toys your brothers are playing with, and only sometimes do they let you.  And, despite loving the action and wanting to be where Chase and Ryder are, you play amazingly well by yourself.  Content and happy to be alone, I will often let you, and watch as you learn a new toy or chase a ball, which I believe may have been your first word this month.

You love music, and books, and the airplane hanging in Chase and Ryder's room.  You love the gym class we go to on Wednesday mornings and enjoy music on Mondays.  You are a speed crawler and a master climber.  Though you have not yet figured out how to get down the steps, I do think you have realized that they can be dangerous as you now stop at the top and ask for help.  Of course by asking for help I mean shrieking.  For a pleasant baby you are very loud.  This comes your way naturally, and it may be a means of survival in order to be heard in this house, but it is astonishing how loud you can be, when you want to be.

You have 6 teeth, but there always seem to be more poking their way through.  Recently, your hair has gotten a lot thicker.  Your curls are getting, well curlier, and remain to be light brown.  Your eyes are beautiful and stormy and still a mix of grey's and blue's and green's that change with what you are wearing.  Your lashes are long and the dimple on your right cheek is deep and adorable.  You are ticklish and laugh out loud with your whole body with one ticklish touch.

This month we rooted for our beloved Phillies as they defended, but lost, their world championship title.  What a time to be a Phillies fan.  Unfortunately, they lost to the NY Yankees, which may take us longer to get over than the actual lost itself.

I took you on your first playdate.  I had forgotten how nice baby play dates can be, but unfortunately have not been able to get a second one together, yet.  You enjoyed being around other kids your age and I hope to give you more opportunities to do so.
We also celebrated Halloween, your first.  Dressed as Superman, you enjoyed the costume.  You spent a good part of the night running in circles, chasing your cape the way a dog chases his tail, but you loved it.  We went to Rachel's house, where we celebrated Ellie's 4the birthday.  We all had a blast.

You are a mommy's dream and yet, you are my reality. I treasure my time with you in ways I can not describe.  For every moment that I do not get to document, there are twice as many moments that are forever tattooed on my mind and heart.  You are my baby, my trooper, my Turner, and I am so very proud to be your mommy.  I  love you so.....

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