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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The boys met their hero of the month at the township festival.

Last year, they were introduced to the Phillies Phanatic at this same festival. They saw him, his green costume standing out in the parade of  people, and squealed with delight.  They wanted to get near him, give him a hug...but once we got close enough Chase hid himself so far inside of my chest I was fearing I would have to birth him all over.  We quickly walked the other way, never sharing personal space with the Phanatic.  When we got home that day, all Chase could talk about was the Phanatic and how much he loved him.  He wanted to see him on television, on you tube, wherever.  It became apparent to us that he loved him only from a far.

So, now with their current Spider-Man obsession there is the absolute need for Spidey plates, pajamas, cartoons, etc.  We have a lot of Spidey stuff and soon will have two costumes of our very own.  But when, very much to our surprise, he showed up at the Northampton Days Festival, i wondered if they, or Chase at least, would be too scared to greet him in person.  Either he really loves Spider-Man or he has matured a bit because it was hugs, high fives, and even pictures with their favorite bug hero!!

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