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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Tides - Riviera Maya - November 2009

This was the picture I left on my camera while we were away so that we could see a picture of our boys.

I miss my sons!  I start off this way so that it is understood that as I gush about this place, the sheer beauty, the absolute exclusion, the pure settings, and the creative haven, that I do, indeed, miss my sons. But, holy cow, if there is a place, a way, a reason to miss your family, this is it. Right here. At the Tides. In Mexico.

I admit I was against Mexico when we first started planning this trip. I had been to Mexico before, and though beautiful, my return has always been welcomed home by the revenge of Montezuma and well, the locals always seemed to rub me the wrong way. But, Todd sold me on the beauty of this place, after Diana (our travel agent from Caribbean Travel Services) sold him. And, it seems, they were right. (And, as it goes, the local staff proved me wrong as well!)

Secluded is the first, and most appropriate word to use in describing this resort.
Although the ride to this paradise may lead you to believe you are being abducted to some remote jungle, it becomes clear upon arrival that ultimate seclusion is often hidden behind the rockiest of paths. Not only did we have to off-road through some twists and some turns enduring pot holes and dump sites, but we made several wrong turns before we found our destination.

One of many "rocky" sights we passed on our way to the resort!

Although the crazy, crazy ride to our resort was enough to bring up last nights dinner, I actually was intrigued to think that beyond these scary roads, or non-roads, lied a resort I expected to be beautiful. And, beautiful, the next word, it is.

Our room

Our outdoor bed where we napped, daily!

Our outdoor shower - unbelievable!

Private, another word to describe it here. Actually, more like ultra-private (only 30 villas- most of which are vacant.). So much so that the pool area and beach feel like our very own. Amazingly, we actually have our very own plunge pool within our private villa, next to our hammock and lounge bed, near our private outdoor shower. Incredible!  Yep, that's another word.


The jungled paths twist and turn and by following them you could end up at the reader's corner, the writer's corner (though not where I am writing this from) or the painters corner, where I intend to paint my first oiled canvas!


Continue more and before you find the infinity pool and the vast blue ocean, you may stumble upon a bamboo and palm leafed spa cabana, or a beautiful waterfall, or a tiki hut with a lounge bed and just enough open space at the top for the sun to peak through, or the temazcal, a mayan steam bath ceremony available by reservation only (for a hefty, additional cost, of course!)


The lobby, simple yet exquisite, greeted us and disposed of our stress out on the dirt path. We were offered a mayan drink of coconut milk infused with lemon grass. The first sip was refreshing but left an aftertaste that reminded both Todd and I of Turner's spit up.   Needless to say we drank no more of that and did not allow that tiny thorn to splinter the beauty we were seeing for the first time.


Gopal resin

On our arrival tour we performed some hollistic ritual at the spa. They asked us to face each other, hold hands, close our eyes, and breathe. We followed the orders as they burned a copal resin and we inhaled it with each breath. I suppose it was relaxing, only the scent was horrible forcing me to tense up my nostrils so that I did not have to smell it. Ok, another small thorn, but still, hardly splintering.


When we were brought to our room we were awed by the comforts before being presented with handmade, hand cut soaps of assorted flavors. The fragrance so delicious we wanted to eat it, bite by bite!!
We have only been here a few short hours and it is already the best vacation ever.  Absolute decompression was instantaneous  as soon as we set foot on Tides property.  Relaxing, quiet, peaceful, beautiful- the ultimate in vacation luxury,  With our three and half remaining days we intend to sleep, a lot.  Todd is excited for the array of tequilas for his tasting. Me, I look forward to the food!

Beach, pool, sleep, quiet...yep, we both look forward to that as well.


Adios, I must siesta now!

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