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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder!

That was one of the many silly names we called bras when I was a kid. We did not make it up, in fact I think we stole it from the movie Beaches (I wonder where they stole it from), but still we used it for a giggle time and again.
It has been a long time since I referred to a bra as that, though I have used a million different names for the boobs these bras support,and in that time the shoulders have rounded enough that the straps have races to my elbows and the said boulders need much more holding as they race (though much slower than the straps, thankfully) to my knees. Yep, that's what two pregnancies have done to my girls. I guess it's lucky I got a two for one deal the first time around.
Anyway, all of my bras suck. Nothing good lasts forever and I suppose a brassiere is no exception. Mine all currently lack support, shape, everything a good bra needs yet they continue to take up space in my drawer.
Today I bought a new bra. Normally I would not write about this for friends and family to read, but I am actually amazed at what's going on between my neck and my belly button.

Tonight I had a wedding. Tonight I had to wear a dress and stockings and heels. I don't normally mind such things but I was a bit concerned with fitting into my dress. I needed Spanx. I needed these Spanx to help my post-partum body fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes by attempting to flatten and conceal the remaining cushion around my mid-section from Turner's incubation. Actually, part of it still remains from Chase and Ryder's 35 week stay inside of me, a side effect of the two for one deal that is much less rewarding. Of course I had waited until the last minute so I had to find the closest, quickest place with what I needed. Had I planned ahead I would have gone to Bloomingdales and probably would have convinced myself to walk through the kids department and just browse. Then I would have seen something too perfect for my sons' wardrobe's and would have had to buy a few things for each boy. Then I would have left the mall possibly forgetting the one thing I had originally gone for.

But that did not happen because I procrastinate.

Instead, I went to the nearest store, which happened to be a bra shop, to buy Spanx.

So, anyway, I went in for Spanx and came out with a breast reduction, or a lift, or some major improvement I did not expect. I have never worn such a comfortable bra and I do not want to take it off. Like a kid who just got new sneakers I wore my OtSBH out of the store and threw the one I walked in wearing away!
Yes, I love my new bra. I am not sure I knew one could love a bra with any deep feeling but it seems you can. Comfortable, supportive, an underwire that is not pricking me in my armpit every other minute, it is everything you would want in a new bra. I have never been so grateful for my kangaroo pouch nor my flaw of procrastination. Without either of them I may still be wearing Bubbe's bra. The best things always come your way when you're not looking.

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