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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gift of Gab!

Chase has a way with words. He always has, as he developed verbally, early and quickly. Chase, it seems, inherited the gift of gab! As a result he says the funniest things, as if an old man resides inside his little body.
He has been known to continue a conversation by looking at you during your pause, smiling and saying; "And, so?" He has been known to laugh at what you are telling him then quickly add a "you're killing me!". He will shorten your name, or add a Y, or both as a simple term of endearment. And, he will always make eye contact making you feel as if you are his very best friend in the world. He has that gift!

Most recently, Chase was outside chatting up our neighbors. The Murphy's live across the street and their three daughter's are 4 and 2 year old twins. Chase and Ryder love these girls, particularly Morgan, who they play with whenever they can. So, he was outside chatting when Sean and Morgan had to go home. Chase looked at them, waved, and said:
"Bye Morg, if you need anything just call me!"

Like I said, Chase was born with the gift of gab!

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