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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Sandlot!

I was an athlete growing up . Decent at my game, ball was never my whole life as I had a revolving heart of creative passions as well. Having an older brother, who I admired tremendously, and who was an artist, perhaps influenced me in the arts in ways I would not have been otherwise.
Despite wanting to be the creative type, and perhaps some of that was, is, within me, anyone who knew me then would describe me as an athlete. The thrill of the game certainly does reside within me.

Todd was an athlete growing up, as well, and from what I understand, a very good one. He, unlike myself, remains to be a very good athlete!!
The combination of our talents always led me to assume we would breed athletes of some kind.

This is not to say I would not welcome with open arms the non-athlete. I would be proud if they were mathletes, or scientists. If they chose theater or the arts. I would be proud. If they were bookworms and found their way to Harvard. They could be who they want but, admittedly, I assume there will be an athlete, or three, in the bunch.

So, when Ryder's first love became his guitar and his interest in classic rock was the only thing he talked about, I was thrilled and surprised.  His two, now three year old, knack for the guitar seems to be beyond his years and though I encourage his strumming I have not one clue how to play and am unable to help him along.

Anyway, I wondered when the baseball and sports interest would come into play. I wondered if it would at all. We started them in an introduction to sports class, which they seemed to enjoy, and we certainly make clear that we are Phillies fan, particularly as they tried, unsuccessfully, to be repeat World Champions. But, it seems that the movie The Sandlot was the catalyst for the love of America's pastime.

After watching this adorable flick, baseball became their game of passion.  In addition they also learned to use the word "shit," which resulted in soap in the mouth.  Chase and Ryder love to re-enact this movie choosing scenes that involve both the baseball and "the Beast!"    Ryder, the costume man, also loved to dress like Benny.   He still does.

I always thought it would be the channel surfing from Flyers to Phillies to Eagles to Golf and back again that would trigger their love for sports.  Instead it was a least it was one I grew up with.

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